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The first half of 2024 is almost behind us; a good time for retrospection. Which are the absolute best digital marketing articles?

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SaaS communities are the perfect reminder that you can be alone but you shouldn’t be lonely. Here are the best of them.
Learn about the evolution and future of conversational marketing and the the shift from platform-dependent chatbots to AI-driven, agnostic communication systems that enhance user engagement and business scalability
The corporate kingdom has expanded, and now there are more Cx roles you can aspire to, jobs that didn’t even exist before.
Startup communities are an excellent place to exchange experience, know-how, and tools. We made a list with the best of them.
Your LinkedIn profile is your new business card. Enhance your profile by adding a photo and background image that reflect your passion and expertise, making a strong first impression on potential clients.

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Our startup viral-loops has been acquired by Wishpond

Apr 2022

Growthrocks is a proud maker and the company behind Viral-Loops, a template-based viral marketing platform to launch your referral programs, milestone campaigns, sweepstakes, competitions and pre-launch campaigns.

Feb 2024

GrowthRocks supports the Growth Hacking Awards in the UK, US and Australia for companies of various verticals. The Growth Hacking Awards are here to recognize the efforts and select the top of the crop in the growth marketing industry.

Feb 2024

Our university now offers a set of specialized courses tailored to every learning style and need. From the self-directed digital nomads relishing our online, self-paced modules to the collaborative pioneers engaging in our exclusive Growth Hacking Accelerator, we sculpt the marketing maestros of tomorrow, today.

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