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Directory of AI tools by GrowthRocks and GrowthJunkie
AI tools for marketers
Because AI is meant to assist marketers, not replace them, and aims to help marketers enter the realm of AI mastery with these tools, here is a collection of AI tools for marketers
Brainstorming Meetings for Growth Hackers
Category: Ebooks
All the secrets to performing the brainstorming meetings of your life
The ultimate growth mix by GrowthRocks | Growth Hacking Marketing Agency
Build the proper marketing mix
This ebook is a compelling argument for the integration of marketing, digital marketing, and technology to achieve the ultimate growth mix. A doc for agencies, freelancers, marketing teams, founders, and startups.
Building a Micro-monopoly
Category: Playbooks
A step-to-step guide on how to build the one asset with the potential to become your unfair digital advantage
Handpicked WP tools from our CEO Theo Moulos by GrowthRocks and GrowthJunkie
Collections of WP Tools
Handpicked WP tools from our CEO Theo Moulos
Content Marketing Canvas by GrowthRocks | Growth Hacking Marketing Agency
Content Marketing Canvas
Category: Canvas
The Content Marketing Canvas is a strategic framework designed for marketers to develop and execute effective content marketing strategies. This canvas helps marketers identify their target audience, establish content objectives, and tailor messaging to customer needs.
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