What We Offer

Tier 1

$70per hour
  • For early-stage startups that cannot afford higher prices

Tier 2

Growth Consulting
$3.000per month (starts)
  • For those companies willing a plan in full depth

Tier 3

Growth Implementation
$4.000per month (starts)
  • For those companies willing to execute a growth plan

GrowthRocks’ primary driver is its consulting and implementation practice. We offer five service tiers to our clients:

  • GrowthBites
  • Pure Growth Consulting and Project Management
  • Growth Consulting with Implementation Deliverables, and
  • Full outsourcing of Growth and New Business Development
  • CMO Office

Each tier was created as a result of our interaction with clients of all sizes and stages of development:

Tier 1: GrowthBites

For early stage startups with limited financial capabilities, GrowthRocks offers a two-hour intensive, single topic consultation driven by the major pain-point of the startup. This “flash” consultation has a very specific target: to introduce the growth hacking mindset to the startup’s team and to describe the topics and funnels that they should be examining at their present phase of corporate development.

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Tier 2: Pure Growth Consulting

If you are an established company with an existing array of partnerships and relationships or have a startup with a “hands-on” oriented culture, GrowthRocks can help you align your metrics with objectives and targets, understand/clarify your pain points, measure your current status, define your growth action plan and KPIs, and introduce you to our growth operating rhythm. As high-level growth project managers and owners, we make sure that your growth project stays the course, adjusts and corrects its course when necessary and delivers the results as per your strategic targets and objectives.

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Tier 3: Growth Consulting with Implementation Deliverables

If you are a startup or a company that outsources part of its IT and Web operations, this tier is for you. GrowthRocks can work with your existing setup to define and deliver specific results for specific pain points and/or business targets. In addition to consulting with you on Growth and managing the project, GrowthRocks will implement the agreed Growth Action Plan, keeping you constantly updated on the results and performing all the necessary actions to achieve the desired result.

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Tier 4: Full Outsourcing of Growth and New Business Development

If you are a startup in need of experienced Growth and Business Development people, GrowthRocks proposes that you off-load the Growth and Business Development roles to us. Depending on your present situation, GrowthRocks designs, proposes and implements different strategies and tactics. If, for instance, you need to prove tangible traction for your product or service with specific and measurable targets, we will propose (and implement) measurable ways to achieve these targets. If you want to test your product-market fit, we will come back with a data-backed action plan to do just that, and show you the results.

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Tier 5: CMO Office

Not Chief Minister nor Chief Medical office…. Chief Marketing Officer.

The role of CMO is broaden as companies confront changing consumer behavior, increasingly important third-party scrutiny, and more diverse target markets and segments. Our CMO offices via a designated CMO will address several areas such as: leading company-wide change in response to evolving buying patterns, stepping up efforts to shape a company’s public profile, managing complexity, and building new marketing capabilities throughout the company as a whole.

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