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Pre-Launch Campaigns (Pre-Launch Marketing)

“The most important moment in your launch campaign is all the moments that preceded it.”​

Stop asking participants to pre-enrol, to become early-adopters, to join your prelaunch campaign. People will never do that. Create a concept instead! Use a witty message, a smart tagline, give some incentives and users will happily join your pre-launch campaign

If you are a startup, a new business, or an older company that releases something new, your marketing doesn’t start the day your product or service is released.

As the name suggests, pre-launch marketing is the sum of all marketing activities that happen before the day your product or service is launched. The purpose of prelaunch marketing is to have some boxes ticked by launch day, such as:

  • Know more about your audience and potential target groups.
  • Build an audience that is interested in your product.
  • Create marketing channels to communicate with your audience, e.g. email list and followers on social media.
  • Build a website that is fast, SEO-optimized, and has a responsive web design.
  • Create content that educates your audience about the ins and outs of your product.
  • Setup all Analytics (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.)
  • Setup all email & marketing automations / Create an inbound marketing stack
  • Create a press/ media kit

I want to deploy a pre-launch campaign

Do you want us to help your brand or propose some suggestions in creating a perfect pre-launch campaign?

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