Many things you’ll read here might surprise as well as amaze you.

At first, it sounds silly. How could something so boring as editorial guidelines surprise and amaze anyone?

It’s because we do things in different ways at GrowthRocks.

Most blogs have an easy publishing model for guest posters. You submit a post, and it’s either approved or denied. Possibly they do a little twisting, and then it’s published.

In general, it’s easy. You can get your posts on the most popular blogs much easier than you could in a leading magazine or newspaper.

But there’s a twist.

There are a lot of blogs that talk about Growth Hacking and Digital Marketing, but in reality, they cover news, trends, the sparkling objects. That’s not the case with us.

Rather than just writing a post and shipping it off, you have to get your ideas accepted first. We’ll help you with your post. You might go through some revisions before getting published.

What sort of ideas should I pitch?

Your proposed headline will very likely be our first contact with your post. If it fits our blog and proves that you have a good understanding of how headlines work, then you’ve already made a great step towards getting published!

Why are we so determined about seeing a kick-ass headline?

We have watched our posts advance over the last years and even at the present time, the best headlines are what drives traffic and awareness.

What topics should I write about?

GrowthRocks’ blog core topics are closely related to Growth Hacking and Digital Marketing.

Everything around that topic is more than welcome. You can write about anything; from SEO and PPC, to copywriting, branding, company culture, and technical growth hacks.

This is exactly what our audience likes to read from us, and we respect our audience more than anything.

What posts should I create?

We are interested in highly detailed posts packed with truly helpful content and supported with insight, details, and pictures that will support your point.

We like long posts on GrowthRocks, in the 1K+ word range.

“Don’t think of a 750-word post stretched out. Think of a 2,000-word post trimmed down to its heart and soul.” 

The reason we want posts this long is that we are looking for trustworthy, ultimate posts that provide the conclusion on a topic. Posts that remain invaluable over time.

Posts that make people want to try things and feel motivated to share and link to because bringing them to the notice of other folks makes them look good.

Of course writing a post this long has a number of challenges:

  • Discovering and creating ideas on an engaging topic.
  • Staying dedicated to the post’s core subject and cause.
  • Maintaining the reader’s attention to the end of the article.
  • Encouraging them to take action at the end of the article.
  • Convincing them to leave a comment.

How to shape a great post:

Generally speaking, the features of a great guest post are:

  • A fascinating, attention-grabbing headline that makes a powerful, relevant promise.
  • An engaging, understanding opening that creates momentum and excitement for the main body of the post.
  • A well-structured body full of strong points that give an intriguing and unique take on the topic.
  • A motivational conclusion that makes the viewer want to take action.

Also, look for chances to link to existing posts on GrowthRocks’ posts within your post. This helps drive traffic to those posts and is good for SEO – most have 3 – 6 links to other posts on the blog.

Observe how they are labored into the context of the content so as to not break the reader’s flow.

What’s the process for pitching a post?

Send us your suggested post headline (plus some alternatives) and a couple of words about what the article will cover. (If you’re pitching a list post please include a few sample bullet points.)

Also, remember to send us one or two examples of your authorship – ideally a link to something online.

If my pitch is accepted, how long do I have to put together the post?

We will most likely ask you to submit an overview of the post first, following the structure defined above. Even if you’re not used to working this way, an outline benefits us both: We can easily identify weak spots in your concept, logic flow or examples, and you have an opportunity to focus and clear up your idea.

After we obtain and accept the overview, we would like to have your first draft in 7-10 days. Then it usually takes an additional week of revisions to get the post publication set.

Will I be able to link to my own blog within the post?

We allow a couple of links in the post byline and occasionally also a relevant link or two in the body of the post.

Anything I need to do after my post is published?

Yes, we would anticipate you to:

  • Promote the post to your email list and/or social media followers.
  • Engage fully with visitors by replying to comments as soon as the post goes live in the morning and frequently throughout the day and in the next few days.

What’s next?

If you want to write for GrowthRocks’ blog, all you have to do is to fill out the form below.

If we are a good match, you can expect a reply within three days, not including weekends.