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Be A Growth Hacker​

Discover the training approach that suits you best and become the next Growth Hacking Marketer.

Growth hacking is a mindset. While working with our clients, we aim to transfer to them two of our core competencies:

  • Our method(s)
  • Our operating rhythm

Both have as a prerequisite the understanding of

(a) the drivers behind human behaviour(s) and
(b) the ongoing, recurring actions needed for the maintenance of growth momentum.

The second pillar of our strategy is the offering of educational packages, via electronic platforms and also with on-site, intensive weekly seminars.

GrowthRocks proposes pre-packaged or customized training on the subjects listed below depending on the client and their medium and long term strategic plan.

Our offerings target the following three (3) profiles:

  • Digital Marketing Professionals. GrowthRocks offers one (1) month e-learning courses for practitioners that wish to expand their services into new areas. Our GrowMe e-learning course will teach the current best practices in areas like SEO and SEM, distribution channel selection, A/B Testing, metrics, behavioral economics, etc
  • Small to medium sized start-ups. Most small startups have limited resources and need to prioritize their actions. Our GrowthKick e-learning package is designed as an introduction to growth hacking for founders that teaches what a founder should know and understand, starting from product/market fit, all the way to digital distribution channel selection, how to create a growth action plan and what low-cost tools to use. For medium sized start-ups our GrowthBoost e-learning package or its live one-week seminar is designed to produce an actual six (6) month growth plan with all the elements: from target definition, to channel selections and necessary metrics and analytics.
  • Established companies. For companies that wish to educate their marketing teams on the latest digital growth marketing best practices, GrowthRocks offers customized in-house training or the GrowthBoost e-learning package, or a combination of the two. The aim is to transfer the necessary know-how of digital growth to key personnel in the firm and to customize the techniques for the specific firm, its culture, and operating rhythm

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