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What is Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, new technological options and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure.

What Growth Hacking really is?

Growth Hacking marketing is a combination of mindset, process and tactics to achieve sustainable growth for your company quickly, taking into account budget constraints

Growth Hacking by definition is ... holistic

Digital Marketing doesn’t run in Silos;

The role of a Growth Hacking Agency (aka a holistic digital marketing agency) is to combine technical but also marketing abilities to broaden a company’s reach, to affect consumer behavior, increase important third-party scrutiny and attract diverse target markets and segments.

Our Growth Hacking team will address several areas such as: helping lead company-wide change in response to evolving buying patterns, stepping up efforts to shape the company’s public profile, managing complexity, and building new marketing capabilities throughout your company as a whole.

The following are a few areas of our responsibility:

  • Defining the optimal paid budget between different user acquisition channels. This means that in some cases we might propose to increase spending on one channel if it brings significantly better results than the rest of the channels. In other words, we will do whatever is best to bring the results for those KPIs we have defined together.
  • Liaising with in-house marketeers, if available, to guide a unified approach regarding customer service, distribution, etc. that meets market demand.
  • Developing a feasible and attainable Growth Plan for the marketing department and overseeing its day-to-day implementation.
  • Designing and coordinating and executing digital campaigns, PR and other marketing efforts across channels (digital, press, referrals, contests etc.).
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Based on a deep analysis on your web properties and business we will undertake the following activities:

  1. First we need to ensure that users landing on our website are doing what we want them to do. For that we recommend  a full marketing stack with all pixels necessary and Google Tag Manager to control everything. That will ensure that when users come, we will start converting them.
    Any omissions and issues found will be reported right at the beginning of the Growth Strategy implementation.

  2. Then we will have to build the various channels to bring users to our funnel. Facebook, Linkedin, outreach, paid ads and SEO channels (for organic traffic) will be utilized, all with very careful and thoughtful targeting.

  3. Lastly (not chronologically)  we will need to create the relevant reports for management and for us, in order to fully understand the performance and continue optimizing that towards the desired outcomes. While we can simply guide you in the subject of what reports you need to create and how, it is advisable to integrate reporting tools and build those reports as early on as possible.

What's the specialised expertise a growth hacker team should have?

A team of growth hackers should be led by a Growth Master “your liaison in your project” with the passion to bring results, together with a vast background and experiences in the field of Digital and growth Marketing.
The team should include:

  • Engineers with Marketing background
  • Marketers with Engineering background
  • Ability to incorporate solutions for all marketing needs into the main website as a proper team should consist of web developers, art directors, marketers and copywriters.
  • A very diversified background from b2b and b2c businesses, covering a huge array of expertise
  • A vast experience in multiple countries and verticals
  • A vast experience in b2b marketing automation (Services, Infoproducts, Lead Management)
  • A vast experience in high ticket tailored services

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