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The Best 10 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing

When ChatGPT was released in the wild in 2022, it took the world by storm; the digital marketing world, even more so.

Since then, many ChatGPT Chrome extensions have been developed to add more features to the powerful AI and amplify many of its functions.

Here are the best of them.

1. WebChatGPT


Come think of it – what is ChatGPT’s biggest drawback? It’s the complete lack of internet access. Also, the fact that it’s stuck in 2021, as its answers don’t use data after September 2021. This offline-only mode is a huge turn-off for digital marketers, as the nature of digital marketing makes the freshness of information imperative. 

With WebChatGPT, this isn’t a problem anymore. This extension grants ChatGPT an online dimension. It integrates web results into your ChatGPT prompts, ensuring more accurate and up-to-date results. What’s more, it provides a free ChatGPT prompts library with hunters of useful prompts, many of which can help you with your digital marketing tasks.

Key features

  • Web access: adds relevant web results to ChatGPT’s results and provides sources
  • One-click prompts: run prompts that perform web searches and live crawling with the click of a button 
  • Search with AI: AI-powered search answers in the SERPs

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2. ChatGPT for Google


As the name gives away, ChatGPT for Google brings the power of ChatGPT to your favorite search engine. The way it works is pretty straightforward: every time you Google something, appears the ChatGPT box on the right of the SERPs.

In practice, the query you make to Google also acts as a ChatGPT prompt. Through the extension, you get the result for that prompt. If you are looking for Google searches that are more advanced and multidimensional, then ChatGPT for Google will surely come in handy.

Key features

  • Search engine integration: allows users to see ChatGPT responses directly on the search engine
  • Convenient chat window: provides a convenient chat window within the browser, enabling seamless interaction with ChatGPT without the need to switch between

3. Tactiq


Online meetings can be tedious by themselves, so you shouldn’t spend more of your power when they are over. Tactiq helps you remember all the important stuff of a video call: who said what, all the key parts and moments that were referring personally to you.

This extension allows you to focus on the meeting rather than your notes and pay greater attention to your colleagues and collaborators in your call. After the call, you can transcribe the meeting notes and keep what is essential for you.

Key features

  • Meetings transcriptions: never miss a word from your meetings
  • Meeting summary: create a summary of what was said with the power of GPT-4
  • High compatibility: works seamlessly with Google Meet, Zoom, Cisco Webex, and MS Teams

4. Perplexity


When it comes to research, it’s true that ChatGPT3.5 /4 is limited to what it does. For one, it doesn’t provide any sources and it also doesn’t possess any information for anything that has happened after September 2021. This is where Perplexity comes into the picture: as the meeting point of ChatGPT and Google, the answers you get are not only original but also up-to-date.

What’s more, Perplexity offers citations so you can know where the information presented to you is coming from. Every answer it gives is the sum of different sources and Perplexity provides all the sources that helped it create its answer.

Key features

  • Quick queries: ask any question directly from your toolbar without jumping between tabs
  • Sources: visit any of the sources that Perplexity was based upon to create its answers

5. ChatGPT Writer

Copywriters and content writers are not the only kind of marketers that write. From emails to messages and product descriptions, writing is an essential part of any marketing role.  ChatGPT Writer helps you with a wide range of your writing tasks, including writing emails and messages, fixing grammar mistakes, rephrasing text, changing writing tone, summarizing text, and more.

Furthermore, ChatGPT Writer puts your privacy in high regard. The company behind this Chrome extension doesn’t save any of your emails and messages on their servers and it also refrains from using any third-party cookies or trackers.


Key features

  • Works on all sites: and works even better on Gmail.
  • Supports all languages

6. ChatGPT File Uploader


The free version of ChatGPT is great at receiving prompts and creating relevant answers, however, prompts through text are the only kind of input it accepts. With this Chrome extension, you can upload files directly to ChatGPT for the AI to process and act accordingly.

PDFs, Word docs, Excel sheets—there are many kinds of files you can upload to ChatGPT, even Zip files.

Key features

  • Upload any file: upload files directly in the ChatGPT interface
  • File-to-text: converts files as conversations


Overview is one of the more popular ChatGPT Chrome extensions that simplifies the use of AI bot. It effectively eliminates the need for tab switching and allows you to seamlessly access ChatGPT on any open tab. When you activate it, a sidebar appears within the current browser tab, providing quick access to the AI bot. can be used not only on web pages but also on local PDF files. It enables you to insert AI-generated text, refine existing content, or perform translations. Importantly, you don’t need an OpenAI account to utilize the AI bot through this extension. 

Key features

  • Easy access: use MaxAI anywhere online by simply pressing Cmd/Alt + J
  • Works anywhere: any text, website, even local PDF files
  • All languages are supported

8. ChatGPT Summary & Chat


Creating a summary is a task that is sometimes needed more often than you think. Summarizing articles, blog posts, or crafting meta descriptions for SEO, there are many instances when creating a fast summary out of a webpage can come in handy.

This is true especially if you deal with video content through YouTube. Having the summary of a video in your hands with a click, without even having to watch the video, can save you lots of time. That’s what this extension is all about:  creating summaries quickly for any web page or Youtube video.

Key features

  • Summarize any webpage
  • Summarize the transcript of any YouTube video

9. Engage AI


This extension is a game-changer for networking on LinkedIn. To use it, navigate to a LinkedIn post, hover over the Engage AI icon, and select a tone. The tones available right now include friendly, funny, disagree, congratulate, and question. Then, Engage AI analyzes the post and provides a fitting comment reply. Of course, you can make any necessary adjustments.

It’s a powerful tool for creating insightful LinkedIn comments, building relationships, and establishing connections with prospects. 

Key features

  • Second Brain: it archives previous comments for efficient recall and use
  • Advanced networking capabilities: engaging comments that encourage interactions
  • Smart response: diverse response tones for dynamic interactions

10. Monica


Monica is the Swiss army of ChatGPT Chrome extensions. So much so that it does many of the things other extensions do—and then some. Monica provides heavy real-time assistance for a wide range of your digital marketing tasks. Whether you need help with content creation, research, or brainstorming ideas, Monica acts as your personal marketing assistant.

You can chat with Monica on any page, at any time. The extension also does a pretty good job at specialized writing tasks, be it copywriting, writing an email, translating, or paraphrasing. Lastly, it has a huge Prompt Library based on Chatgpt, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4.

Key features

  • Easy access: chat with Monica immediately by hitting Cmd/Alt + M
  • Search enhance: displays the answer results provided by ChatGPT in your SERPs
  • YouTube summary: Quickly summarize YouTube video content
  • ChatPDF: feed Monica all the information in a PDF and gain the insights you are looking for
  • AI Painting: write your prompt and watch it transform into an image, just like Dall-E or Midjourney

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