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Branding - Rebranding

Branding is about creating the image your audience perceives you.

Most new startups don’t have a strong brand identity and are looking to build one through branding. In some other cases, already established companies want to differentiate their identity through rebranding.

We can help you shape your brand identity, publish your brand manual and create your brand promise.


Branding & Visual Identity

The visual identity of your brands is where business meets aesthetics.

The ultimate purpose of a visual identity is to communicate as much information about your brand as possible with a single look – literally. All branding elements have to be in line with each other and share the same aesthetics and ethos.

For the most part, visual identity consists of 4 elements:

Brand name: The name of your brand. It has to be original, descriptive, and easy to remember and pronounce.

Logo design: Besides being artistically balanced, a good brand logo should be minimal, scalable, and work well in black & white.

Tagline: A successful tagline contains the philosophy of your brand in a single sentence.

Brand typography/ font: The right typography has to be scalable, it needs to work well both digital and on print and it should suit your brand message.

Color palette: A color palette reflects your brand’s personality by creating a vibrant visual experience.


Brand Manual – Brand Guidelines

Can you imagine Apple’s logo on a navy blue background?
Or a Mc’ Donald’s ad where under the logo it says “I’m liking it”?

This is where a brand manual comes in.

A brand manual acts as a guide that ensures the consistency of your brand. A brand manual includes all the guidelines that dictate how all assets from your visual identity work together, or alone. Finally, it includes all the communication rules of your company, from keywords and hashtags to tone of voice.

The brand manual is, first and foremost, meant to be read and followed by anyone who is working for your company so everyone can be on the same page. A brand manual is also useful whenever a partner, a collaborator, or a publisher uses any of your assets.

Brand Promise – Value Proposition

Last, but not least, it’s very important to write your brand promise – and communicate it effectively. Your brand promise is not your tagline.

Essentially, a brand promise is the declaration of intent that introduces your company to your audience. It is a statement that lets them know what you stand for, what they should expect from you, and why they should choose you.

It’s about describing what your brand offers in a sentence.

For example, the brand promise of the clothing company H&M is: “More fashion choices that are good for people, the planet, and your wallet.”

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