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CMO Office

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Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

In order for your company (funded startup or an established brand with a new product line that will work as a startup for achieving high growth) to have the need of a CMO, you need first to have the team in place for the CMO office to manage. That team could consist of internal resources or from growth engineers working as subcontractors or via growth platforms such as:, etc

These are few only areas of our responsibility:

  • Define a holistic 360 degrees digital marketing approach and strategy
  • Liaise with other physical marketeers to guide a unified approach to customer service, distribution etc. that meets market demand
  • Develop a feasible (yet aggressive) growth plan for the department and oversee its day-to-day implementation
  • Plan and organize marketing functions and operations (product development, pricing, branding, communications etc.), and ensure they project the company’s unique “voice”
  • Design and coordinate digital campaigns, PR and other marketing efforts across channels (digital, press, referrals, contests etc.)
  • Build a highly efficient team of growth engineers (if not in place)
  • Create a solid network of strategic partnerships

Changing to reflect new consumer buying behavior

Different devices and different digital channels are changing the consumer buying behavior. On top of the technical complexity, following-up after been exposed in an ad (called re-targeting) or after abandoning your cart in an eshop drive sales or stop sales from getting materialized. So, there’s a need for tighter integration between corporate marketing and sales as Web-based channels expand their role in advertising, sales, and marketing.

Our designated CMO is a natural resource to help lead the company as a whole toward business changes that reflect evolving customer needs.

Shaping the company’s public profile

The increasing importance of third parties forces businesses to enhance their awareness of blogs, chat rooms, and other social-networking media and to develop new strategies both to capitalize on marketing opportunities revealed by consumers and to defend themselves from cyber-bullying or attacks..

Managing complexity

With more digital options, more countries, more customer segments, more media, and more distribution channels, companies are waging a battle with complexity. Our designated CMO will assist you to address the issue and develop new approaches to manage this complexity. Simple questions such as the below will been taken care from our CMO that will also keep the full accountability of his decision:

  • Should I develop an app?
  • Should I implement a chat mechanism for conversions
  • Should I go for a bot?
  • Should I redesign my app? My site?

Building new marketing capabilities

The changing environment calls for new marketing capabilities, both in the marketing organization and in the company as a whole. Within marketing, for example, the ability to build brands across an increasing number of media, including vehicles dominated by user-generated content, is critical. There also a lot of analytic muscles to build, such as the data-management skills needed to compare and maximize the effectiveness of on- and offline marketing expenditures thus to define a viable RoMI (Return on Marketing Investment)

Our CMO office and the designated CMO as well are Growth engineers with technical background sufficient to tackle all the technical challenges and deliver a literally 360 degrees service.

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