Campaign Optimization

Maximize The ROI Of Your Marketing Budget

GrowthRocks excels in optimizing conversions and in measuring and maximizing the ROI of your marketing budget. Conversion optimizations are an integral part of our funnel analysis and we always try to find the best fit between available client resources and applied optimization techniques so that our conversion designs can be realized with the client’s current execution & budget capabilities.

Our Process:

GrowthRocks proposes a target oriented, sprint based approach with weekly reviews and reports. Our approach begins with the creation of a baseline of metrics which describes the present status of the campaign. We use these data during our creative sessions and combine it in our analysis with the marketing information and the targets of the campaign as provided by our client. We then create a set of theories and flows that we propose to test and prioritise them according to our experience, the client’s market position and branding, the product’s marketing status and the flows applied by the competitive forces in the marketplace. We enhance these flows by applying A/B testing, advanced UX/UI practices and other growth techniques based on behavioral models of the target customer personas within a clearly defined customer segmentation. Our aim is to design flows that secure the conversion of the interested goal seekers customer subset and create a measurable path towards the desired targets.

The feedback from this type of pre-launching activities is extremely valuable for any company that is thinking of launching new products or offerings. Specifically designed landing pages can extract information (directly or indirectly) from visitors, ranging from desirable product features all the way to pre-orders and tangible traction for funding.

With GrowthRocks you will always know all there is to know about the performance of your campaigns. We deliver to you detailed dashboards and reports that can be used to inject corrective action at the earliest possible point. Our optimization will be completely transparent to you because for every proposed change we will provide comparison data between the alternate versions and clear KPIs of the better performing option.

Optimize Your Campaign

Do you want us to optimize your campaign or propose some suggestions and quick wins? We would gladly do that!

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