Chairman & CEO

Theodoros Moulos

Theodoros has a 15+ year experience in running successful and profitable software products. Lately, he used to be the COO and then CEO of Pinnatta Mobile app (The world’s first interactive messaging platform, counting more than 1.5M downloads worldwide based in Sunnyvale, CA (U.S.A.)). During his free time, he coaches and consults startups. His career includes managerial posts for companies both in Greece and abroad and he has significant skills on intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship.

“Never perform a change without been supported and justified by a metric or finding. Never start a changing procedure without measuring your starting level, your basis. So, first we measure and then we change, not the other way around.” Remember, lack of virality is the result and never the root cause!

Co-founder (CEO

Savvas Zortikis

Savvas is a growth hacking expert with solid experience in getting traction, boosting retention and product development with a specialization in SaaS businesses and web applications.

“I consider myself lucky, as I have the opportunity to work with an incredible team, on unique projects, in a way that no one else does.”


Growth Master

Sotiris Pantazis

Sotiris is a data oriented Engineer. He uses his skills in Analytics, SEO and PPC to plan and build Growth processes. His ability to extract insights from data, combined with his knowledge in frameworks such as AngularJS, acts as a catalyst to execute fast and precisely.

“I don’t know if it’s considered to be a problem, but I love watching changes in numbers; I prefer them when they rise, though. Working in a team like ours, gives me an everyday opportunity to try and turn great products into coded pieces of art.”

Growth Engineer

Thomas Lekkakos

Thomas has an extensive relationship with business & marketing with an obsession on product design. He always gets excited with scalable ideas and truly adores experiments, while getting dirty on data. All the above combined with his UX expertise makes the go-to person for Conversion Rate Optimization.

“Better Conversion rates is not a smooth – easy going process, there not magic templates and you’ll never know what will work. You need to hustle with data and experiments, then do it again! If you can acquire users cheaper than your competitors, It’s better marketing, you grow faster and you win.”

Growth & Content Marketer

Apostle Mengoulis

Apostle is a pure-blood Marketer. His job is to find a way when ostensibly there is none. Planning and executing A/B Tests, Email & Content Marketing along with alternative marketing techniques based on human psychology, all for the sake of customer success.

“Working on growth, gives me the opportunity to explore unknown aspects of marketing and in the same time, express and tame my madness through crazy ideas and tests. Being able to write and share my knowledge with other marketers, is just more cream in my latte.”

Customer Success Manager

Helena Kazia Batma

Helena is a pure (customer) support person. She uses her technical background (Computer Engineer) and her empathy to make technology understandable to all. Her job is not only about feelings such as happiness and satisfaction, though, but about numbers and success, as well.

I’m lucky enough to start building a career that is a natural fit. I love reading between the lines, helping people and interacting with them directly, instead of coding or crunching numbers in some back room. I need human interaction and emotional feedback to be truly satisfied in my line of work, and that’s exactly what I get among the GrowthRocks/Viral Loops people.


Partner Manager

Bill Stathopoulos

Bill used to be a Growth & Content Marketer, working hard to deliver Inbound and Content Marketing strategies and campaigns that outperform expectations. He has a background in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship, as well as a natural incline towards Marketing, which makes him the perfect fit for the world of Growth Hacking. Due to his extrovert attitude, he moved into the sales and partner management position helping GrowthRocks expand to new geographies, create synergies and develop new products.

I believe that my purpose on this planet is to surround others with care. Marketing has given me the ability and resources to create remarkable experiences that have the potential to touch other people’s lives and make them a tiny little bit better, happier, more fulfilling. As Maya Angelou once said, people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.


Creative Director

Sotiris Kontogiannis

Sotiris is a UI/UX pioneer, that uses his knowledge in design, illustration and front-end development to guide customers, through their journey towards conversion.

“Art is to represent, how things feel like. Everyday I seek and discover new meanings in UI and UX. Such an open-eye experience allows me to put my tiny signature onto something that others, spend their lives with.”

QA Specialist

Thanos Priftis

Thanos can, and will find bugs and room for improvement everywhere. He knows how, nearly every mobile device out there works, which allows him to look things in the way that matters the most; In details.

“It really lifts me up to discover flaws, as it the ultimate way to touch perfection. Although there is no such thing as perfect, it’s fun to bring a developer on the edge.”

Growth Master

Olga Khusnetdinova

Olga is always curious of new industry updates, testing and optimization across the various accounts she manages. She is comfortable operating across different advertising, measurement and bidding platforms, such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, and Tableau. She enjoys working with e-commerce data and has strong attention to detail.

To improve your e-commerce conversion rate you have to understand how consumers think, feel and behave in relation to products and services.

Growth Engineer

Constantine Kalyvas

Constantine is a performance oriented Marketer mainly working on acquisition channels. He has mastered search engine marketing, both paid and organic. He also likes to work on side projects that involve crawlers and search engines in general because they are just cool.

Value is what brings people together and what it sets them Apart.


Product & Growth at Viral Loops

Dimitris Tzortzis

They say to turn your weakness into a strength and that’s what Dimitris did, turning his OCD into an asset for creating polished products. With a professional experience as growth engineer and a background in electrical engineering, Dimitris is pooling all skills together to solve problems at Viral Loops (GrowthRocks’ flagship product), identify areas of improvement for the product and work with the team in crafting the ideal customer experience.

I believe that the devil’s in the details and that we should be the most demanding customers of our own product. Otherwise someone else will.

Growth Master

Antonia Deligiorgi

Antonia is curious by nature: she loves digging into data, analyzing customer behaviors and searching for new acquisition channels. She has a background in Computer Science and experience in running successful multi-channel marketing campaigns.

What I love the most about Growth Hacking is the experimentation process.
It requires being in a state of constant learning, while you have to repeat the process all over again, until you come down to the optimum solution.

Real growth is never easy to conquer, and that’s the most challenging and interesting at the same time part of my job.

Growth & Social Media Marketer

Evi Katsoulieri

Evi has years of experience in digital marketing and community building for startups and NGOs. Her passion is to grow businesses by highlighting their true value and mission. Her background in Psychology and International Marketing has armed her with effective communication skills and a deep understanding in consumer behavior’ insights. Combined with her love for innovation and technology, Growth Hacking is the ideal world for her to thrive

Communities, online or offline, are just like tribes. Their members share common characteristics, values and perceptions. Essentially members of a community share the same sense for the world. For me being a good marketer requires a recurring thirst to understand each “tribe” and create meaningful relationships.  And this is what I love to do!

Co-founder (Advisor)

Nestor Louizidis

Nestor has worked for many years in C-level positions in multinationals, in the technology and media sectors. He is guided by his interests in technology, business, and marketing. He likes combining ideas from different disciplines, creating new hybrids. He has, at one time or another, been a founder, a CEO/General Manager, a Business Development Director, a CTO/IT Architect, and a Programmer.

“The only real limit in business is the team. Their beliefs, attitudes, and self-imposed boundaries. For everything else, we can always find a solution or alternative of some form.”

CTO Viral-Loops / GrowthRocks

Thomas Papaspyros

Thomas Papaspiros is CTO and advisor at Viral Loops.
During his 10 year career, he has led development teams for well-funded startups in US, EU and Asia serving from casual users to Fortune 500 clientele.
He has also cofounded 2 startups and took part in 2 accelerators.
His main competence is combining technical expertise with business-oriented approach and project management skills.

If slowness is a bug, then speed is absolutelly a feature. Personally i like attacking things in an agressive yet well thought manner and this is what i love about this team. Getting used to this environment, sometimes you think that the rest of the word moves in slow motion.