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With Infoproducts you can always reach as many people as you want more effectively. Be it consulting, coaching or mentoring, an infoproduct usually takes one or more of these forms:

No matter the type of infoproduct though, sooner or later you will have to give an answer to certain questions:

  • How much time do you want to allocate?
  • How oſten can you create content?
  • How much resources should you spend on content creation?
  • Which countries should you target?
  • How should you frame your infoproduct and the solutions you give?
  • How much revenue are you looking to get according to the effort you want to give?
  • What’s your monetization strategy? Are you gonna give something fore free and then follow-up? How many follow-ups do you need to convert a user?

As soon as you can give an answer to these questions, it’s time to build your marketing flow.

And this is where we come in!

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