Engineering as Marketing is a particularly under-utilised channel, and it has proven to be quite valuable when executed properly. It’s under-utilized because it’s rather expensive and cannot fit the typical marketing or growth plans. Imagine a two-week iterations or experiments where development of a small project is in the critical path. It simply doesn’t fit, in terms of time nor in terms of budget.

But at GrowthRocks we make it happen. Throughout our experience and our team’s engineering skills, we can get your startup traction directly by building tools and resources that reach more people. We make useful tools like calculators, widgets, and educational microsites to get your company in front of potential customers. These tools generate leads and expand your customer base.

Your Marketing Department asked you for a new way to manage user engagement or asked you for a quick way to capture a single-click feedback on an email. You have only two options and none will bring you the results you are looking for:

a) to ask your engineering team to work in this marketing’s demand,  

b) to write specifications and submit this request through specialised sites such as PPH or and a third one: ask us

We add value in multiple cases but especially when you want to:

  • Creation of Quick Prototypes
  • Engineering support for marketing experiments
  • Engineering support in automating feedback
  • Implementation of new digital assets or properties / microsites
  • Engineering solutions in converting customers
  • Transform a business need into a small digital asset