Growth Hacking Marketing Blog

The growth hacking blog for startups and entrepreneurs, providing you with the knowledge, tools and techniques needed to become a rockstar growth hacker.

Growth Hacking Marketing Blog

The growth hacking blog for startups and entrepreneurs, providing you with the knowledge, tools and techniques needed to become a rockstar growth hacker.

You Can’t Hack Your Instagram’s Growth

People use and talk about Social Media a lot. Our lives changed so much due to their existence to a level where we say to each other that we should keep our phones in our pocket and enjoy real life.

Although I don’t like social media so much, I’m very fond of the people that know how to make good money from them.

It’s an art.

Although calculating the ROI of social media is difficult, it all comes down to awareness and influence.

Personally, I use Instagram just to follow interesting people (I don’t try to sell anything), but our team has helped some accounts to grow bigger.

Most of the guides you will read out there are outdated and probably so will be this one also in the next few months.

This article has to do with what Instagram allows, how it serves content and how you can leverage those in order to build a healthy account.

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A Marketing Conference That Actually Helped Us Grow!

This is not just another article.  It’s just a recap of some awesome things I experienced first-hand in the beginning of the month.

You see, I traveled to NYC with my partner, Savvas to attend Growth Marketing Conference East and also hold a workshop about virality.

During the days of the conference, I tried to keep as many notes as possible ( trust me, it’s really hard to concentrate on your tablet when you have so many interesting people around you), and now I’m presenting them to you.

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Stay The F*ck Away From Growth Tactics

While rookies use tactics, pros use processes

So, let’s get started!

You’ve probably been hearing for tactics. People are talking about tactics, everywhere.

“I learned this great hack where you can get thousands of emails”

“Let’s do CRO to our landing pages.”

“Let’s A/B test our website buttons.”

“I heard Lead Nurturing and Lead Magnets are awesome.”

“Let’s add a referral option to our app and go viral.”

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How To Get Early Traction For Your Startup

Who doesn’t want their product to skyrocket?

Who doesn’t want that VC investment that will back all these amazing product features?

How all these unicorn startups made it?

2 words: Early Traction.

Having early traction is a sign that you have a product that people want to use and also acts as an insurance for VCs and their investment. You don’t need money to get early traction.

You need early traction to get money, honey!

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7 Ways To Promote Your Referral Program

Your Referral Program’s Promotion is vital!

Referral programs managed in 5 short years to become THE thing for healthy customer acquisition. This article’s purpose is not to convince you to build a referral program (I guess you’re not here for that).

This piece of content is about what comes after your decision to invest in referral marketing. It’s about the ways and means you can use in order to make your referral campaign a meaningful channel for your company’s growth.

Since we kicked off Viral Loops last year, we’ve help people to implement and promote some amazing referral programs and that’s the primary reason I decided to write down the things you’re going to read further in the article.

Without further ado, here are the 7 Things You Can Do To Promote Your Referral Program

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The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide To Guest Blogging [+ Trello Template]

People always want the easy way out. To get things, no matter what; always in the most risk-free and safe zone. If you’re one of those people, then you should just close this tab/window/w.e. and move on to something else.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over time, is that people in business tend to work with folks that belong to the other side; those that take risks and always go one step further. It’s those people that make the difference.

Are you one of them?

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Learn Growth Hacking: 26 Online Courses To Help You Become A Growth Hacker (+ eBook)

Use The Force

“The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.”- Obi Wan Kenobi

I couldn’t find a better way to begin this article, than quoting Ben Kenobi’s words to Luke Skywalker. As the force to a Jedi (or a Sith), knowledge is the ulterior motive for a Growth Hacker.

Knowledge comes to us from a lot of different sources, either for free or in a highly paid manner. The truth is that for one to obtain it, all it takes is the will for it.

I personally feed on knowledge. Whether is learning a stupid information (and obviously, memorising sci-fi movie quotes) or mastering a tool for my job, pursuing knowledge is established in my daily routine and a vital factor for my performance at work.

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Are you using Referral Marketing tactics in your product?

The theory + 7 super effective Referral Marketing tactics you can use in your product to drive your virality rates through the roof!

So let’s say you’re running a startup company developing a product, or you’ve just launched your own brand. You need traffic to your website or online property. *Desperately*

Traditionally, you would allocate your Marketing budget and spend heavily on TV and Online ads (Facebook, etc.).

Times have changed, though, and through the fields of Biology and Computer Science, a new trend has emerged: Viral or Referral Marketing.

So, the only question now is: Do you wanna go viral!?

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Referral Programs 101: Go Viral like Nyan Cat

We all remember the time back in 2011 when Nyan Cat, invaded the cyberspace and went VIRAL.

I remember myself just staring at it, wondering WTF I was watching. People posting the 10+ hours of Nyan Cat was my nightmare.

It was the most annoying shit around, but it became viral in no time. The question here is not why?

The right question is, CAN I DO THE SAME FOR MY PRODUCT?

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Link Building 2017: What your mom won’t tell you

Why does everything about marketing have to be so hard? Link building, List building, SEO, Content, E V E R Y T H I N G!

Christmas is finally here, and all I want to do is like, snuggle up to my couch with hot choco and a dog. I still do not have one, though, but I would definitely go for a pug.

link building

So one of the ways to ensure this fantasy for the following  year is a killer link building strategy. 

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