Hiring a startup marketing agency, a branding agency, a growth hacking agency, a digital marketing or PR agency is an important step and venture for any company, no matter its size. This process can become quite stressful – especially for startups. It is not rare for startup founders not to have a clear view of their marketing needs yet. A marketing budget estimation is not an easy task.

Depending on the stage of your startup, you may have different needs and priorities. Are you pre-product, post-product, pre-revenue, funded (pre-seed, series A)?

Why are those questions important?

It is because depending on the stage you need a different kind of digital and growth marketing services. You need to set up clearly your business goals and find a marketing partner that suits you.

So, here are the 2019 Top startup marketing agencies.

The startup marketing agencies were listed in no particular order. All of them have different strong points and excel in the services’ field. The ratings were based on four criteria:

  1. Overall creativity and user
  2. The process of setting up the marketing campaigns
  3. Their clientele and cooperation with brands
  4. Case studies and sharing the know-how (blog, webinars, community events)

Here we go!



P3 Media focuses on eCommerce solutions. That alone explains why P3 Media is a Shopify Plus partner. Consumer packaged goods, fashion, food & beverage, the startup marketing agency’s experience includes many different eCommerce categories. Whether you are looking for a fully outsourced team or a la carte services, P3 Media provides its services both ways.

Besides Marketing, Email, CRM and web design, P3Media offers highly creative services as well: Photography, video & 3D Animation can be part of your campaigns or properties. Strategy is also a key service from P3Media. The team will reverse engineers consumers’ attention to determine not only the best way to communicate with your customers but where and when to do so.




“In business, a rainmaker is a person who brings in new business and wins new accounts almost by magic, since it is often not readily apparent how this new business activity is caused.”

Rainmakers is a small team of data-driven marketers. Their offices are in Copenhagen, Denmark, and London, UK. Their clients, however, spread across the globe – from Sydney to San Francisco. Rainmakers specialize in 3 categories: SaaS, Gaming, and eCommerce. One of the top startup marketing agencies, Rainmakers focuses on aggressive user acquisition and finds creative ways to boost organic user acquisition and achieve growth targets. They also focus on engagement and retention.

As Rainmakers say, they will start by defining the appropriate marketing and analytics stack for your Start-up. Then comes implementation, which is key to accurate metrics to make a data-based decision that will fuel your growth.




As stated in the LaunchSquad manifesto, this agency is “an eclectic community of people producing amazing work for clients we love. Every day we show up to create, engage, influence and make things happen”. This is not a classic startup-focused agency as it has clients of all sizes. Nevertheless, LaunchSquad has the DNA of a startup as they are flexible, quick and produce high-quality results at a fast pace

Case studies from working with companies like Coursera and iHeart Radio, testimonials and practical results, highlight the top quality services of this agency. Apart from having a roster of big clients to showcase, Launchsquad were recently named one of PRWeek’s Best Places to Work and one of Inc.’s 5,000 fastest growing privately held companies for the past 6 years.

Odysseus Arms


A San Francisco based agency with an edgy character and amazing clients to show. With the motto ” Someone has your market share, let’s go out and get it,” this agency gets the vision of a startup.

Odysseus Arms uses freelance creative and specialists to create a stellar team for each brand project.  Being at the top spot for technology and startups, Odysseus Arms has partnered with some of the largest tech companies like Facebook, Kodak, and Microsoft.

It has many impressive case studies to show like the Asana rebranding or the historic OUYA Kickstarter campaign, which raised $8.5 million (almost nine times their goal of $950,000). OUYA turned to O-Arms to invigorate conversation about their product among hardcore gamers.



Wallaroo Media is a social advertising and digital marketing agency in Provo, Utah. They can help clients from their launch to their full scale up as their services include development, design, and marketing. Their motto is simple: “Our goal is simple: to built your business.”

 Wallaroo pairs members of their team with members of their clients so they can work together. Since 2012, Wallaroo has gathered innovative and brilliant minds from a myriad of fields of study to produce the necessary work for your business. Having worked with brands like Gatorade, Disney, and NBA, this agency has the experience of boosting a brand, manage your project and get results.



GrowthRocks is a growth hacking marketing agency that helps startups and well-established companies to achieve rapid and sustainable growth. It is headquartered in London with worldwide partners from India and Finland to the US and Greece.

Their services are efficiently crafted for early-stage startups and can boost user acquisition and early traction with growth hacking techniques. With a blog full of tips, how-to guides, and business development concepts, Growthrocks is the place to get an expert’s guidance and consultation for your startup.

GrowthRocks also has a thing for education and training. One of the top startup marketing agencies, GrowthRocks has created several academies throughout the years. Performance Marketing Academy, Content Marketing Academy, and Growth Hacking Academy are some of them.


Inbound Labs


Inbound Labs’ focus is to bring to the table the expertise of building a product and making it successful in converting customers. Prospect clients know that “our background is in product design and development. That means not only good advice but also flawless designs, websites, apps, and bots.”

Having partnered with some of the world’s best companies, nonprofits, startups and incubators, Inbound Labs has gained experience in growing businesses. The team of Inbound Labs consists of 50 agents, including strategists, engineers, and creatives, located in 10 different countries, led by a handful of serial entrepreneurs. Inbound Labs focuses on helping businesses grow, and they have done so for more than 200 companies.

Creative Agency Secrets


Headquartered in New Zealand, Creative Agency Secrets works with local and international brands. Using a variety of marketing tactics that all aim to grow a business, Creative Agency Secrets “unlock marketing success for you using robust, proven techniques that only a wealth of experience can deliver.”

Besides providing their expert services as an agency, they also have training programs tailored-made to your startup with intensive courses on marketing and business development.  In other words, you can choose if you want to get an expert’s coaching session or get work done by the expert himself.



Kexino is a French team of marketing, creative, and business development specialists. Their goal is to help start-ups and small businesses produce better, more relevant marketing strategies and tactics. Kexino specializes in services for startups and small-to-medium sized companies.  As they believe, they are not a common marketing agency. What they do best is offering a range of integrated marketing services because they believe that’s what companies need today, as they say.

With an inspiring blog full of tips and tricks on marketing tactics and business development, this agency creates an entrusted environment for a startup to grow. The startup marketing agency combines branding, communication, design, SEO, social media, conversion rate optimization, with a range of inbound and outbound marketing initiatives

BAMF Media


BAMF Media is a full-stack growth hacking agency. It is an influencer accelerator for founders, and executives to build their personal brands. BAMF Media is one of the most in-demand growth agencies in Los Angeles.

Having built a thriving community and worked with companies like TEDx, Mixmax, Voo, and Autopilot, this startup marketing agency certainly stands out. BAMF Media is well known for its free ebooks, too, all of which have been awarded as ‘products of the day’ at Product Hunt. So make sure to check out ‘The BAMF Bible,’ ‘The Copywriting Bible,’ and ‘LinkedIn Influencer.’

Before you go

So how will you choose?

My firm belief is that finding the best and most suitable partner and establishing a fruitful relationship is up to you! Always do your homework before you talk with any of these startup marketing agencies. Prepare a basic plan including your goals (what you want to achieve). You need to to be determined to change your mindset.

For example, do you know what your goals are, or should be? Are you ready to split your time 50-50 between product development and getting traction? Do you have at least one person in your team committed to growth? If you are ready for this, just do it!

Set expectations, be honest, and respect everyone’s time. That will make it possible to do great work together!