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Top 35 Growth Hacking Agencies in 2024

Since the early 2010s, growth hacking has become a service, usually provided by growth hacking & growth marketing agencies, SaaS marketing agencies, and startup marketing agencies.

Since then, however, a lot of growth hacking agencies have appeared — and then disappeared.

But some of them not only survived but also stood the test of time. This doesn’t mean that there are agencies that have brought great results for their clients in spite of their young age.

With no further ado, here are the Top 35 growth hacking agencies for 2024.

1. GrowthRocks


Established: 2014

Headquarters: London, UK

Tagline: “Sky is not the limit”

Hey, that’s us! *awkward self high-five*

GrowthRocks is a growth hacking marketing agency that helps startups and well-established companies to achieve rapid and sustainable growth. Headquartered in London with worldwide partners from India and Finland to the US and Greece, GrowthRocks is ready to grow your company or startup.

With a blog full of tips, how-to guides, and business development concepts, Growthrocks is the place to get an expert’s guidance and consultation for your startup. GrowthRocks also has a thing for education and training, as the company has created a number of academies throughout the years. Performance Marketing Academy, Content Marketing Academy, and Growth Hacking Academy are some of them.

Moreover, the GrowthRocks team has developed a VC-backed startup called Viral Loops a SaaS platform for referral marketing with a 30% month after month growth rate.

And what’s more, GrowthRocks’ CEO, Theo Moulos, himself accepts free 30′ consulting calls. Book him here.

2. GrowthGirls


Established: 2019

Headquarters: London, UK

Tagline: “Unleash the power of data”

Growthgirls offers its digital marketing services for startups and multinationals alike, and for a number of different industries. Accordingly, they’ve worked with brands such as Oh app, Sundance Film Festival, and Lana Bank.

As the name suggests, the growth marketing agency has a strong feminine side. GrowthGirls is a woman-owned agency that embraces diversity and is looking to empower women and their businesses respectively. And it does so through the services and the growth/ marketing training it provides.

If you’d like to know more about GrowthGirls (and your business), you can try their new quiz to find out your Growth Marketing Score.

Would you like to book a free call with GrowthGirls’ CEO, Effie Bersoux? Book a slot here.

3. Elysian Fields


Established: 2021

Headquarters: London, UK

Tagline: “We help founders secure unfair advantages in their pursuit of growth.”

As exited marketing agency founders, Venture Partners, and VC Investment Committee members, they understand the metrics investors are looking for in founders and they know that hitting funding milestones comes down to creating an Unfair Advantage for any company. They see this as a structured way of working that combines a powerful value proposition coupled with marketing operations to deliver sustained marketing testing and growth.

So they help customers treat marketing as engineering, with every insight validated and your CAC/LTV ratio below competitors. This process greatly stacks the funding odds in the customer’s favor.

Would you like to book a free call with Elysianfields’ Executive, Noah Bergman? Book a slot here.

4. Right Side Up


Established: 2016

Headquarters: San Fransisco, USA

Tagline: “If you’re looking for a marketing agency, YOU’VE COME TO THE WRONG PLACE”

The tagline of Right Side Up speaks for itself because, indeed, it is not a traditional marketing agency. Right Side Up is “a collective of premium marketing talent—with all of the marketing chops, and none of the agency fluff”. So what does this mean in practice?

Their growth services are separated into 3 basic categories: Digital Marketing, Offline Marketing, eCommerce Marketing.

The former category encompasses three branches of marketing, namely performance, lifecycle, and eCommerce. The second category, offline marketing, is dedicated to helping brands expand offline through podcasts, radio, and even TV. This is where they can help them break into OTT advertising, in collaboration with media buying agencies to support execution. The last category is for those who are interested in getting noticed in Amazon or finding a helping hand to set up and run Shopify, BigCommerce, or any other DTC platform.

5. Unmuted



Established: 2020

Headquarters: Amsterdam, NL

Tagline: “The one-stop show for growth”

Based in Amsterdam, Unmuted is a B2B Growth Marketing agency that helps innovative companies set up marketing systems they need to get their proposition to their ideal customers before, during, and after-sales engagement.

They call their service the ‘Growth Program’ which is a pre-defined monthly retainer for companies that need structural help with marketing and growth. During this program, companies will see their brand presence grow in terms of content, social media, and email, as well as their sales pipeline.

Unmuted’s communication with their clients is open and transparent, so they can know what’s going on at any given moment.

6. Growth Hackers


Established: 2016

Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan

Tagline: “Grow Your Business. Higher. Faster. Smarter.”

Growth Hackers build scalable strategies based on the company’s products and users.

Through the power of -what else- growth hacking, this agency headquartered in Asia does A/B testings, experiments with acquisitions channels, and combines many different digital marketing branches.

In this fashion, Growth Hackers offer SEO and content marketing services, accelerator and funding consultation, startup mentoring, App Search Optimization, PR, and branding services.

7. MAD Kings


Established: 2016

Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium

Tagline: “Unlocking your company’s true growth potential using a powerful combination of data, CRO, creative marketing, and automation”

MAD Kings make a case for growth hacking, and agile, full-funnel processes having a higher ROI than “awareness campaigns”. And they are right.

Rapid experimentation, data analysis, creativity, and automation are combined by the agency’s marketers, designers, developers, and data scientists, to grow businesses.

The process of MAD Kings involves a loop of analysis, ideation, prioritization, and execution. Furthermore, they also have their own growth hacking workshop where you can learn how to turn your business into a growth machine quickly.

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8. BAMF Media


Established: 2017

Headquarters: Venice, USA

Tagline: “It’s more than a company… it’s a lifestyle”

BAMF stands for Badass Marketers & Founders. BAMF Media is a full-stack growth hacking agency and an influencer accelerator for founders and executives to build their personal brands. It is one of the most in-demand growth agencies in Los Angeles.

The growth hacking agency had managed to build one of the most successful Facebook marketing groups, counting more than 25,000 members. PS The group is not named after the agency’s name anymore.

BAMF Media is well known for its free ebooks, too, all of which have been awarded as ‘products of the day’ at Product Hunt. So make sure to check out ‘The BAMF Bible,’ ‘The Copywriting Bible,’ and ‘LinkedIn Influencer.

9. Growth Media


Established: 2016

Headquarters: Ottawa, Canada

Tagline: “Get more customers”

Growth Media is a team of ROI-driven growth hackers focused on data and user experience. Their mission is to help scale businesses that make a difference in people’s lives.

Marketing professionals, user-experience designers, and full stack developers are those who make up the team of this growth hacking agency from Canada. Unlike full-service marketing agencies, Growth Media is fast to deploy and highly specialized in acquiring website traffic, optimizing user conversions, managing customer retention, and coding custom product solutions.

Among its values, Growth Media places long-term partnerships and transparency.

10. Proper Expression


Established: N/A

Headquarters: Washington, District of Columbia

Tagline:B2B Growth Marketing. Properly Done.

ProperExpression is a growth marketing agency and a Hubspot partner that blends art, data science, and digital innovation to deliver creative solutions to quantifiable problems.

This agency uniquely fuses growth marketing and growth hacking. Rather than just focus on rapid growth at the awareness stage of the funnel, ProperExpression experiments, iterates, and collects data across all channels to develop a growth marketing strategy.

With a results-driven culture and strong emphasis on tracking and data analytics, they work closely with sales teams to push deals across the finish line, maximizing the ROI of every marketing dollar and driving consistent growth.

11. Inbound Labs


Established: 2015

Headquarters: San Francisco, USA

Tagline: “Hubspot with superpowers”

More than 200 companies from over 20 countries have put their trust in this San Francisco-based agency. Inbound Lands is an expert at CRO and -what else- inbound.

The team consists of 50 agents, including strategists, engineers, and creatives, located in 10 different countries, led by a handful of serial entrepreneurs. Inbound Labs focuses on helping businesses grow, and they have done so for more than 200 companies in over 20 countries.

A dozen of Silicon Valley investors have funded Inbound Labs, which is also a Hubspot Diamond Partner. The growth hacking agency believes in “efficiency, transparency and a good sense of humor.”

12. Growth Hakka

Growth Hakka 200px


Established: 2015

Headquarters: London, UK

Tagline: “Self-perpetuating marketing programs that go viral

Growth Hakka is a growth hacking consultancy based in London, UK. They are experienced in executing successful, data-driven, growth-oriented campaigns for start-ups, small businesses, and larger clients from multi-national household names to unknown brands just launching.

They work to 6 tenets of automation, creative, data, marketing, product, and technology.

From rolling out Hubspot builds to creating animations to hardcore data analysis and A/B tests to Facebook ads to content calendars to eCommerce, they’re an end-to-end full-service agency.

13. NoGood


Established: 2018

Headquarters: New York City, US

Tagline: “No Marketing Fluff. No Budget Waste.”

Nogood is a growth marketing agency founded and run by marketing technologists & growth hackers. They have worked with IBM, P&G, American Express, Heineken, Southern Marsh, Harver, Ford, and Workzone, among others.

As their tagline reads, they are allergic to marketing fluff and marketing waste. Nogood doesn’t consider itself to be a traditional agency; they’d rather maximize the ROI of your startup or enterprise through a data-driven approach.

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14. Deviate Labs


Established: 2014

Headquarters: Los Angeles, USA

Tagline: “Innovative Growth”

Deviate Labs is ‘founded by a Rocket Scientist and a Silicon Valley investment banker.’ It is a growth hacking consulting agency that has worked with companies ranging from bootstrapped startups to billion-dollar enterprises across a number of industries.

Deviate Labs is known for creatively cross-pollinating marketing tactics across industries and swiping emerging growth tactics from small startups and deploying them across large enterprises.

If you have heard of the Dollar Shave Club, you now also know the growth marketing agency responsible for the product’s success.

15. Avaus


Established: 2007

Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland

Tagline: “We turn your data into results, at speed”

Avaus is a Finnish company since the mid-’00s with offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Gdansk, and a new one in Munich. The growth hacking agency is a Nordic leader in data-driven marketing. Avaus helps B2B and B2C marketers drive customer value and marketing effectiveness.

An official partner, Avaus is one of the bigger growth hacking agencies, with more than 150 employees that promise truly personalized marketing because “we all are different.” The teams specialize in many marketing and growth hacking operations, including Business Strategy, Media Services, Marketing Automation, and Content.

Avaus has collaborated with big companies throughout the years. It has helped lots of clients to grow their businesses and the lifetime value of their customers.

16. Rockboost


Established: 2014

Headquarters: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Tagline: “Creating Growth”

Located in The Hague, NL, Rockboost is offering its growth hacking services for the last 6 years. Amongst its clients, one can find Cisco, Philips, and Sony.

The agency can help startups find their product/market fit and build an audience. Then, Rockboost can assist them in finding their business North Star Metric and build a growth strategy with that in mind. A pure growth hacking agency, Rockboot combines various data sources and turns them into valuable insights.

Besides its growth hacking services, Rockboost also offers in-house training as well as workshops, not only for professionals but for students, as well. Last but not least, Rockboost can provide custom software solutions.

17. Off the Record


Established: 2016

Headquarters: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tagline: “The boutique growth bureau for startups, scale-ups & corporates”

Yet another growth marketing agency from the city of Amsterdam. Off the Record collaborates with ventures of all sizes, from ambitious startups to ‍well-known scale-ups and innovative corporate ventures.

The way the agency works is this: Your company will get assigned a growth team from Off the Record. The growth team is a dedicated full-stack unit lead by a Head of Growth. A product owner, a performance marketer, and a data analyst are also part of this unit that will help you grow. Then, the team will start working on your case. On a weekly basis, you will recap of current goals (OKRs), product backlog (experiments), and progress (performance).

The company also offers a growth workshop – an in-house training for those who are looking to build a growth mindset and learn more about the growth processes, and tools.

18. Growfusely


Established: 2018

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India

Tagline: “Scaling your business is our primary goal”

Growfusely is a new agency from India. This growth hacking agency provides growth primarily through SEO-focused content marketing. It will take charge of your content and take it from point A to point Z. And so it will layout the content strategy, execute it (writing and creation), and promote it.

It comes as no surprise that Growthfusely’s team consists of content editors, content writers, content marketing specialist, and SEO’s.

Last but not least, Growthfusely specializes in digital PR to help you get links from popular websites and publications, as well as building -and maintaining- your social media presence.

19. Cro Metrics


Established: 2013

Headquarters: Kentfield, USA

Tagline: “There’s no growth in the comfort zone”

Cro Metrics is one of the oldest growth hacking agencies out there and on our list. Having worked with some big tech names, like Facebook, the growth hacking agency promises to help you develop your growth strategy and give you a competitive advantage.

Cro Metrics will begin by developing a deep understanding of your business, KPIs, and customers, and then come up with hypotheses to test. Finally, through data analysis and iteration, they will measure the performance of the experiment, to find out what worked and what didn’t.

What should also be noted is that Cro Metrics, unlike most growth hacking agencies, doesn’t charge its services by the hour. Instead, they try to build long-lasting collaboration, and thus they operate on a subscription model.

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20. Bell Curve


Established: 2017

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Tagline: “We train your team to do what we do”

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, then you may have heard of Demand Curve, the sister brand responsible for one of the growth hacking courses we’ve featured in the past.

As for Bell Curve, it is a growth hacking agency that specializes in ads, mostly B2B, mobile, and eCommerce, for a variety of channels. These channels include the most popular social media platforms, as well as Google Search & Google Sopping, Quora, and Pinterest.

Their training programs expand upon topics such as content marketing, lead generation SEO, and CRO. Keep in mind that they don’t offer all of these as services, only as courses, as they are laser-focused on digital advertising.

21. Ladder


Established: 2014

Headquarters: Global

Tagline: “Data-driven growth minus the guesswork”

Ladder’s growth experts promise to remove the guesswork from growing your business. The growth hacking agency has spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours working with over 200 companies worldwide – from startups to the Fortune 500.

A few other of their numbers include a “success rate 300% above industry average” and over $30M in performance data. Ladder also highly values transparency for every one of its growth services. Don’t forget to take a look at the agency’s blog, too, which is updated pretty regularly.

22. GrowthMasters


Established: 2019

Headquarters: San Fransisco, USA

Tagline: “LinkedIn Influence on Autopilot”

GrowthMasters is one of the newest growth hacking companies on our list. Coming from the US, the agency is not providing ‘holistic growth’, but rather, it cares about one thing: growth through LinkedIn.

The method they use to achieve that is the Content Machine Method™, as they call it. Following this method, GrowthMasters can help you build an audience through viral and valuable content that will put you “in the top 5% of content creators in your industry on LinkedIn.”

Venture-backed/exited CEOs, top executives, and consultants are those who usually collaborated with GrowthMasters to shape and grow their personal brand. Until now, the Content Machine Method™ has generated more than 60M views.

23. Wallaroomedia


Established: 2012

Headquarters: Utah, USA

Tagline: “We Scale eCom Brands”

Wallaroomedia is one of the oldest growth marketing agencies.

Originally it was founded in 2009 as an SEO and content agency. It became a growth marketing agency just 3 years later. Since then, they’ve been offering their full-service digital marketing solutions with a focus on social media advertising and branding. NBA, Disney, IKEA, and Casper are some of the high-profile brands that have worked with Wallaroomedia.

What’s more, the agency offers investing services. This is where they will connect a company to relevant VC firms, and they will even deploy capital into growth-stage ideas and businesses.

24. GrowthHub


Established: 2019

Headquarters: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tagline: “Your Hub To The Growth Hacking World”

Established just last year, GrowhHub is one of the newest growth hacking agencies on the list.

Content marketing, SEO, consultation, data management, CRM management, display advertising – the agency includes a lot of services.

As they write on their website, GrowthHub works with a certain step-process. The first step is about defining “the only metric that matters” (OMTM). What’s known in growth hacking as the North Star Metric. Step two and three involve building your growth model and customer persona respectively. The next steps are about growth ideation, sprints analysis, and experimentation.

GrowhHub is notably transparent with its prices. Its package deals include four options – three fixed and one custom.

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25. Spike


Established: 2017

Headquarters: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tagline: “We design demand”

Spike has been helping startups raise investments through crowdfunding. Content marketing strategies, viral marketing solutions, PR, and influencer marketing are some of the things the agency does.

The process Spike follows to grow companies has four steps. First, they audit the businesses and try to get to know the basics such as the ideal customer and the value proposition. Then, they design a campaign and grow the network of the company. Then comes the execution: outbound campaigns, content marketing, performance marketing campaigns, etc. After the first wave of execution, comes optimization.

Moreover, Spike has its own Facebook community and Slack channel.

26. Sprints & Sneakers


Established: 2017

Headquarters: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tagline: “We do marketing that no other agency does”

“You use Google & Facebook, we use 217 other channels” is one of the opening lines on the Homepage of the agency. Sprints & Sneakers puts a huge emphasis on traction channels and goes beyond the mainstream ones.

After running over 1k experiments and handling more than €5 million in ad spend, the growth marketers from the Netherlands say that know what works and what doesn’t.

Sprints & Sneakers have offered their growth services for clients like ID&T, KPMG, and Lidl.

27. Growth Agency


Established: 2015

Headquarters: London, UK

Tagline: “Delivering Growth hacking is more of a mindset than a tool kit”

What Growth Agency does is as straightforward as its name: it grows business through data-driven marketing.

The agency offers a plethora of services. Accordingly, these services include growth hacking and growth strategy, in the form of consultation or full implementation. Growth Agency also offers standard marketing services like content marketing, Facebook advertising, inbound marketing, lead generation, performance marketing, and SEO.

The agency operates internationally and it has three offices in Europe, namely in Belgium, Malta, and the UK.

28. Growth Hackers Digital



Established: 2017

Headquarters: Bengaluru, India

Tagline: “We growth hack your digital strategy”

Lead Generation, organic growth, content marketing, as well as improving CAC and ROAS are some of the things Growth Hackers Digital does best.

According to their framework, the growth team starts by creating user personas, and then it creates dynamic campaigns on channels that have the target audience, while keeping the creatives at the center of it all.

Some of the agency’s biggest clients include Decathlon, ICICI, Universal Robots, and The New Indian Express.

29. Gro.Team



Established: N/A

Headquarters: London, UK

Tagline: “If the growth benefits of a growth idea massively outweigh the costs and/or time to implement it then we are growth hacking”

Gro.Team joins up services usually found in recruitment and marketing into a “one-stop shop” for business growth.

Furthermore, the company gives you the option to work on individual services, namely SEO, CRO, and PPC.

The growth marketing agency works with startups and established businesses alike.

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30. Dagadom



Established: N/A

Headquarters: London, UK

Tagline: “A Growth hacking agency specialized in LATAM markets”

Dagamon finds creative ways to increase their customers’ organic acquisition in a cost-effective manner.

The individual services the agency provides are web development, SEO, PPC, social media networking, as well as mobile app creation and marketing.

Finally, Dagadom is also a Google Partner and an Accredited Bing Ads Professional.

31. PRLab Hub



Established: 2018

Headquarters: Amsterdam, NL

Tagline: “Reinventing PR for startups and scale-ups.”

As the name of the growth hacking agency suggests, PRLAb Hub’s main concern is public relations. Accordingly, it provides its services to anyone who might be looking for out of the box communication strategies

Media training, PR campaign planning, PR funding, and crisis communication are some of the company’s top services.

If you are looking for more than PR services, however, the agency offers solutions in strategic brand management, social media marketing plan, and WP development.

32. GrowthHit

46796217 2004790409601466 9189281017410617344 n


Established: 2013

Headquarters: Seattle, USA

Tagline: “Your ROI-Focused Growth Marketing Team”

GrowthHit helps early-stage startups and companies grow with a customer-centric approach first and foremost.

This growth hacking agency from Seattle, USA has worked with founders that have been funded by Techstars, featured by the Wall Street Journal, and worked at Google.
They only work with passionate founders that “focus on solving problems, building cool sh*t, and making a big splash”. They also believe that product and marketing are not separate verticals, and that a startup’s distribution strategy should be built into the product experience.

33. Voxturr


Established: 2018

Headquarters: San Fransisco, USA

Tagline: “Transforming Your Business”

Voxturr’s team is made of more than 20 professionals and experts with a big variety of backgrounds. It’s a growth backing agency that works with startups, SMB’s, and enterprises alike.

Combining out-of-the-box and tailor-made solutions, data-driven approaches, and proven methodologies, Voxturr has collaborated effectively with many different companies and has also written some case studies for some of them.

Marketplace and eCommerce Marketing, B2B lead generation, SaaS product marketing, and marketing automation are some of the things they do best.

34. Marketing Masala


Established: 2015

Headquarters: New Delhi, India

Tagline: “Growth marketing for your business”

Marketing Masala is an agency from India but their clients are all over the world.

From customer awareness to revenue and everything in between, Marketing Masala is concerned with the whole customer journey.

Among their case studies, one can find a 350% ROI increase in 90 days for an eCommerce website. What’s more, in two other cases they managed to reduce the CPL by 50% for a travel company and the cost per install by 80% for a certain app.

35. Dapper Rhinos



Established: 2018

Headquarters: Rotterdam, NL

Tagline: “Maximizing growth for impactful companies”

Rotterdam-based agency Dapper Rhinos has established itself as a strong player in the growth-hacking field. According to the agency, it trumps an ethos of honesty and directness, which is imperative to their ‘no bullshit’ approach and process.

They do not work with a rigid model or limit themselves to certain channels. Rather, they advocate an all-channel strategy and continuously experiment with new channels to beat the crowd, maximize impact, and help great companies grow.

Dapper Rhinos’ growth strategies are trusted by clients like Microsoft, Logitech, Cisco, and Oliva.

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Top Growth Hacking Agencies – Conclusion

Unlike traditional marketing agencies, growth hacking agencies don’t like to play the guessing game. Growth hacking agencies measure, analyze, test, compare, refine, and repeat to reach their goal. A growth hacking agency and its growth hackers should be creative minds, tech-savvy, logical, and great problem-solvers.

Hopefully, the growth hacking services of these growth hacking agencies will help your business.

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