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Why Chrome Extensions Are A Must

Growth Hacking is all about the mindset and the process behind how you do things. Being a growth hacker isn’t an easy duty, whether you’re trying to find your startup’s traction channels, optimising your B2B funnel, your eCommerce store or even if you’re just outreaching for guest blogging opportunities and organising a webinar.

I can’t even imagine what my daily routine would be like without any of the tool or my chrome extensions. Since my colleagues always make fun of me about this addiction of mine, and I’ve already covered the tools I use in a previous article, I thought that it would be great to lay down a list of all the chrome extensions I use – almost daily, to unlock growth.


So in this post, you’ll get to know chrome extensions for:


  1. Block Yourself From Analytics
    This chrome extension is extremely useful. This ensures that you don’t mess up your analytics’ data every time you decide to get back to your landing page to see if everything works as it’s supposed to – or to check again that amazing model you developed.
  2. Page Analytics (by Google)
    Want to have a peek on how users interact with your website? The Page Analytics Chrome Extension permits you to see what they click and what they don’t. Use that information to optimise your website design, improve UX, and increase your conversions. Get the Pageviews, Unique Pageviews, Avg time on page, Bounce Rate, Exit Rate and Number of active visitors, in real-time
    You can use the Google Analytics date comparison and segmentation tools directly in the extension. You can use this chrome extension for every page you’re already tracking on Google Analytics.

Content Creation

  1. Grammarly
    Now you can write clearly and with certainty on WordPress, Gmail, and nearly anywhere else on the Web- including social media. With this Chrome extension, you can always be confident that your writing is fluent, avoiding embarrassing moments (like comments trolling the hell out of your authorship – sometimes, people are mean).
  2. Search in a Giphy
    Who doesn’t love GIFs? Typically, they’re funny and give the opportunity to express more by saying less. More importantly, people adore to share them. So, why not include some pretty accurate GIFs in your blog posts? This chrome extension brings the power of GIF search on the top of your screen.
  3. Share As Image Extension
    With The Share As Image Chrome extension, you can either highlight text from anywhere on the web and run it in an image or do it the other way around. Right-click any image on the web and add a text of your choice.
    #ChromeExtensions ROCK!

  4. Nimbus Screenshot
    I often include screenshots in my posts as proof that something works – or that it doesn’t. Whatever the case, having a chrome extension like Nimbus Screenshot is handy. Instead of ‘prt sc’ and then editing, Nimbus gives you the option to capture selected parts of a web page or capture the whole thing (in an unfolded style.) It also works in LocalHost mode -”Sorry Awesome Screenshot”!

Growth Engineering

  1. BuiltWith
    I’m not a developer. That doesn’t mean I won’t have a word on the technologies we use on our landing pages. If I see something great, I want it for myself, and to get it, I should be able to describe it to a developer. That’s where this chrome extension comes in. By just hitting the extension button, you get access to the technology any website uses, front and back end.
  2. CSSViewer
    Being a growth hacker means being quick. I can’t afford resources for the experimentation of a single landing page. I have to build it on my own. CSSViewer gives me what I want: The way to build a “subscribe” button, exactly as the one from a high converting landing page; Effortless and quick.
  3. Window Resizer
    Have you heard the saying: “Go mobile or go home”? Well, this chrome extension will keep you out of ‘home’. You can test how your websites or landing pages look like in different browser and screen resolutions, from desktop to mobile and tablet.
  4. UnCache
    The UnCache chrome extension does exactly what its name claims. It cleans up your browser’s cache by just clicking a button. If you’re constantly updating a landing page and ask your colleagues to give it a look, using the UnCache chrome extension ensures that they view the newest version of what you’re building. Note: it clears only the cache considering the specific domain.
  5. User-Agent Switcher for Chrome
    I’ve previously mentioned that cross-browser testing your websites can indeed save you. Although this chrome extension doesn’t perform as the web app equivalent,  it can give you an insight on how your page looks like on other browsers. From there you can go deeper.
  6. EditThisCookie
    Cookies are an essential part of developing. Deleting, editing or adding them is an everyday task for a web developer. Like UnCache, EditThisCookie chrome extension allows you to do your thing with any cookie on a particular web page.
  7. Form Filler
    Want to test your forms quickly and easily? This chrome extension will help you do exactly that. From text boxes, text areas, radio buttons to dropdowns etc. Form Filler will fill them with random/dummy data.
  8. Colorzilla
    Do you like the colour you see anywhere on the web? You can make a print screen, save it, open a photoshop/paint/most image editors, load the image, select the colour picker tool and find out what’s the hex code of the colour you are looking for. Or, you know, just install ColorZilla. With ColorZilla you can get any color by clicking any point in your browser, easily adjust this colour and paste it into another program. I use it a lot when I’m building a landing page that must match the GrowthRocks’ original style.


  1. Sidekick
    Hubspot is huge and continues to give one of the best free tools you can find around. Using Sidekick, you can see a person’s title, company, social profiles, but more importantly, your recent conversations with them, including if they opened/clicked that awesome pitching email you’ve sent to them.
  2. Rapportive
    Want to know everything for the person you’re emailing? Rapportive is a kind of social CRM extensions, as it replaces google ads with useful info about your contacts. You can see their tweets and even connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Sweet!
  3. Boomerang for Gmail
    This chrome extension allows you to arrange emails to be sent in the future automatically. Therefore, you can put together an email now, send it tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or next week, while you’ll be drinking your cocktail with your pals, without even needing to be online.

Productivity Boost

  1. StayFocusd
    I used to be a social media addict. I was so addicted that I got sick of myself. That’s when I found StayFocusd, and my daily routine got 110% better. All you have to do is to tell the chrome extension to block certain websites for particular days and hours in the week. The best part is that StayFocusd protects you from any impulses. Are you sick of it and you want to visit your favourite distraction right_naw? You can’t! To cancel the scheduled blocking, you have to do it one day before or after the action. So, cheating yourself won’t work with this one.
  2. Marinara: Pomodoro Timer
    I find the Pomodoro technique the best time management tool out there. Simple, yet powerful. This chrome extension is a simple timer based on Pomodoro. Note: I choose the basic 25’ mode, and it works like a charm. It’s lifesaving even if it doesn’t seem so.
  3. RescueTime
    RescueTime keeps track of how much time you spend in the active tab or a particular Chrome window. This provides you with a clear picture of what you were doing all day long, thus allowing you to manage your digital life effectively. It also reports your productivity status. That way you’re never going to ask yourself again where you’ve spent your entire day.
  4. Toggl
    Whether you’re a Project Manager or just working on tasks, it’s good to know how much time it takes for something to be done. That kind of data is needed when you have to plan your work schedule, and luckily for all of us, the Toggl chrome extension integrates with most of the Project Management tools out there.
  5. ExtensionManager(Switcher)
    Chrome extensions are useful, addictive and also hurt your browser’s speed. That’s a fact. The irony is that there’s another chrome extension to manage all this the extension madness. Something like The Punisher. By using ExtensionManager, you can switch selected extensions On & Off, and also delete what’s unnecessary.
  6. OneTab
    One more thing that my colleagues made fun of me for was the enormous amount of tabs I always got to my chrome. Thanks to OneTab that belongs to the (sad) past. The only thing annoying me with this chrome extension is that when activated, it stores all tabs. I’d prefer to choose the ones that I want to be stored- but, life’s not fair after all.



  1. MOZbar
    I like MOZ. It’s powerful. But I like Rand Fishkin even more. Dude knows how to give a great speech. And they also give a great chrome extension for free. With MOZbar you can access important SEO metrics as you browse the web, create custom searches, see the ranking difficulty for a keyword, view social metrics, and a ton of other stuff for SEO freaks.
  2. Majestic Backlink Analyzer
    This sexy backlink examiner from Majestic gives you a fast way to see the power of any web page based on its backlink database. Majestic crawls the whole web, so it doesn’t depend on any third party app for the data. See the Trust Flow™ or Citation Flow™ score for any page and also information about the number of domains and URLs linking to it.
    The #chromeextensions For #seo that could save your life
  3. Open SEO stats
    An amazing SEO chrome extension to access the Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank and Quantcast Rank of any given web page. Bonus: it gives information on backlinks, indexed pages, cached pages, socials, Whois, Geo IP location etc.
  4. Check My Links
    Whether you’re doing SEO checks or you’re just laying a new article, you can use Check My Links to find all the links on the given page, highlight with green what’s working and with red what is not. Do you want to find out all the 404’s on a page fast and easy? Check Check My Links then! Piece of cake.

Scraping The Web

  1. FindThatLead
    This is a personal favourite! You can see exactly how I use it, in my guest blogging guide (don’t forget to grab the Free Trello Template. All in all, you can use FindThatLead to get the work emails for anyone just by knowing his name and the company that he/she works for. Ain’t that brilliant?
  2. Email Auto Extractor
    This chrome extension is really simple. It just crawls any given page and gathers all the email addresses contained. Simple and cool.
    NOTE: It doesn’t work with AJAX pages yet.Regarding web scraping, if you are looking for more… intensive work, you can take a look at the three best web scraping tools.

Content/ Social Media

  1. Buffer
    Buffer needs no introduction. You can add and schedule original or curated content. The chrome extension does the same job but with the press of a button. Just add your social accounts to the Buffer App, and you’re ready to go.
    I use to drive traffic to our website when I’m posting curated content. When you use on any link, it automatically adds to the page a Call To Action of your choice. Recently there was integration between and Buffer, so when I add an article to buffer, it also gets my custom CTA. And for that I’m grateful.
  3. RiteTag
    Hashtags are one of the possible ways to disrupt a trend. But knowing what’s the right hashtag to use can be a pain in the a**. The RiteTag chrome extension changed my social sharing as it demonstrates statistics like retweets, click-through-rates, avg. Impressions and other cool stuff.
  4. Professor Traffic
    Until I found Professor Traffic, I was tagging my links using a spreadsheet. Tagging links helps you track your social campaigns in Google Analytics. Don’t ever post a link from a campaign of yours without tagging it first. The only con I saw in this chrome extension, is the lack of saving the links for a future use. No hard feelings, though.
  5. Scribe
    If you find yourself creating videos or documents to show people how to execute a process, Scribe is for you. It captures the work you do and turns it into how-to guides automatically. Click “Record” in the Chrome extension, complete the process you want to share, and Scribe instantly creates the documentation with editable steps and screenshots. Those guides can be shared with a link or embedded into a knowledge base or CMS.


Well, after installing all these chrome extensions, your browser might look like a hell pit. The good news is that your productivity will probably skyrocket. I’d love to see your feedback and recommendations in the comment section below. In case I see something worth mentioning, and after giving it a try, I swear to the Cow I’ll update my post immediately.

Till next time,

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  1. Oh man this is awesome! I wouldn’t have a job without Grammarly plugin lol. I would recommend adding the Ahrefs toolbar. I actually use that more than the other SEO ones you mentioned. There are a few in here I haven’t tried, excited to give them a test.

  2. Excellent article, Apostle. Great list. Do check out, really good for sharing emails (by just adding labels – no need to forward), and for delegating emails to your team-mates. It also lets you write notes on emails.

    1. Hey Niraj,

      I’ll definitely try it out! I’m planning to update the list in the next few days so, if Hiver is as good as it sounds, I’ll add it and give you a heads up!

      Thank you for the feedback! 😀

  3. Hey Apostle, I truly appreciate your Information I hardly find People who talks about these secrets, great work keep it up I am busy reading your all Articles Today and thanks for this Nice explanation.
    Have a great day ahead.

    1. Hey Rohit!

      I’m really flattered you like the articles! It’s a great thing to know that people gain value from my articles!

      Thank you very much!
      Keep being awesome 😀

    1. You’re more than welcome Kumar!

      Do you use any extensions that you think are worth mentioning in the post?

  4. Superb list. You got most of mine. 3 that I didn’t see on there that might be worth adding:
    1. Whatfont: easiest way to identify fonts on webpages
    2. autopatchwork: automatically loads the next page so you don’t have to deal w/ pagination
    3. snappysnippet: easily extract css & html from any page

    1. WOW Justin! Thank you for the input! I’ll definitely try & add it to the list!

      Keep being awesome 🙂

  5. Super Super list. Just wow. I’m the founder of and many of our customers can also be called growth hackers / marketer and use our extension to collaborate over email. Perhaps you’d like to add it to the list?

    1. Hey Vincent,

      I’d be happy to add your extension! I still haven’t managed to update the article, so I’ll let you know when it’s out! 😀

    1. Thank you for your recommendation Yuval! I’ll install Klear. It’s sounds awesome! And I’ll make sure to include it in the article update (which I should already have done, but couldn’t find enough time 🙁 )

    1. Thank you for your kind word Erna!

      Your game looks awesome! I’ll check it out on my free time 😀

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