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Top 10 B2B Marketing Podcasts to Tune In to in 2024

Do you want to get better at B2B marketing?

Do you love listening to podcasts while commuting, in the gym, or doing the dishes?

Does this introduction sound like a cheesy telemarketing copy?

No matter, grab your headphones and push Play to either of our top picks for B2B marketing podcasts. Here they are!

1. The B2B Marketing Podcast

We couldn’t possibly have a “b2b marketing podcasts” list without a podcast named The B2B Marketing Podcast. Hosted by David Rowling the podcast offers a wide look at the world of B2B marketing. In the episodes, you will hear anything from expert advice and discussions to practical tips.

What sets it apart is Rowling’s knack for breaking down complex marketing ideas into easy-to-understand bits. If you are interested in getting better at B2B marketing, and you are just starting out, give The B2B Marketing Podcast a listen.

2.  Breaking B2B

As the name gives away, this is a podcast dedicated to the world of B2B marketing and demand generation. The host, Sam Dunning, brings on experts from various sectors to share their experiences, successes, and lessons learned. This is what offers a well-rounded perspective on what it truly takes to break through in the B2B market.

Some indicative titles from the podcast, which has been running for almost 4 years, include “Why Middle of Funnel is Key For B2B Marketing”, “How To Start and Grow a B2B SaaS (to $8M+)”, and “ Why B2B Lead Gen Is For Sales (NOT Marketing)”.

3. B2B Growth

Produced by Sweet Fish Media, one of the top podcast production companies, B2B Growth serves as a treasure trove of insights for B2B marketers. The podcast covers a broad spectrum of topics, from content marketing to B2B marketing personalization and beyond. 

What makes B2B Growth special is its commitment to actionable advice, giving listeners not just theories but real steps they can take to improve their marketing efforts. Today, it’s one of the go-to podcast resources for many B2B marketers.

4. Create Like the Greats

Create Like the Greats is hosted by Ross Simmonds, a seasoned marketer, keynote speaker, and CEO of his content marketing agency. In this podcast, you will find episodes such as “How Ahrefs Built A Content Moat On The Back Of SEO, YouTube & Tools” and “How I Use AI to Drive Better ROI as a Marketer”.

Ross’s expertise in SaaS and B2B tech adds depth to the discussions and pushes the boundaries of conventional marketing. The mix of historical wisdom and contemporary strategies makes “Create Like the Greats” a unique and valuable listen.

5. B2B Marketing Exchange

The B2B Marketing Exchange podcast is a great resource for B2B marketers seeking to deepen their expertise and stay updated. This podcast is special because it serves as a virtual exchange, bringing together thoughts, strategies, and experiences from a wide array of marketing professionals.

Tune in if you are looking to dive into topics such as content marketing, demand generation, and account-based marketing, among others. Its focus on real-life applications and case studies sets it apart, providing actionable insights.

6. B2B Better

B2B Better stands out in the podcast world for its unique approach to tackling the everyday challenges faced by B2B marketers. The podcast dives deep into strategies proven to work in the B2B space, offering listeners a behind-the-scenes look at successful campaigns and what made them work.

Each week, Jason Bradwell, the host of the show, sits down with industry experts and break down topics such as demand and lead generation, sales and marketing alignment, positioning, and more.

7. Women in B2B Marketing

Women in B2B Marketing is a podcast that highlights the influential and inspiring women leading the way in B2B. Its weekly episodes cover the latest trends and strategies in B2B marketing. You will listen to topics that span from optimizing events for relationship building and deal acceleration to managing global teams and remote work.

It’s an important platform for female voices, offering diverse perspectives and insights often underrepresented in the field. All in all, Women in B2B Marketing is an excellent resource for B2B marketing and learning from the achievements of women in this space.

8. Exit Five

Exit Five: B2B Marketing with Dave Gerhardt, which is the full name of the podcast, has Dave Gerhardt at the helm. Dave, former startup CMO turned creator, is bringing his extensive experience and innovative ideas to the forefront.

What sets this podcast apart is Gerhardt’s ability to blend cutting-edge marketing strategies with engaging storytelling, making complex concepts accessible and entertaining. This blend of practical advice and insider knowledge is what makes Exit Five stand out.

9. Behind the Post

Behind the Post takes you on a deep dive into the stories and strategies behind successful B2B marketing campaigns. Explore the nitty-gritty of what it takes to create impactful social media posts, content, and campaigns in the B2B space.

Each episode unpacks the thought process, creativity, and execution behind effective B2B marketing, offering you insider insights and practical tips. It’s a great podcast if you are curious about the real work that goes into crafting compelling B2B marketing and want to learn from the successes -and failures- of top marketers.

10. Grow Your B2B SaaS

The Grow Your B2B SaaS podcast hosted by Joran Hofman, delves into the intricacies of growing a B2B SaaS business. Accordingly, it covers a wide array of topics crucial for SaaS entrepreneurs, including strategies for acquiring the first paying clients, achieving product-market fit, and developing effective go-to-market plans.

What makes this podcast stand out is its focus on the SaaS aspect and the challenges SaaS companies face. Growth Your B2B SaaS offers in-depth insights into marketing growth channels, and discusses funding options, from bootstrapped stories to venture capital.


B2B is different than B2B marketing. Therefore, if you want to specialize in B2B marketing, generic marketing podcasts, and content won’t cut it.

Hopefully, the podcasts from this list won’t only keep you company but also help you with your B2B marketing endeavors.

In the meantime, if you need any help with your B2B marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us to let you know how our B2B expertise can help you.

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