Quiz: Email Subject Line A/B Testing

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4 thoughts on “Quiz: Email Subject Line A/B Testing”

  1. This is great and thank you for sharing… It would have been great to break down your analysis of the results!! Hopefully that’s coming up next.

    1. Nicolas Lekkas

      Hi Alicia, thanks for letting us know you enjoyed it!

      I preferred to share some data instead of an opinion, for now. 🙂

      What I want to see next is if most users will guess the winning subject lines right.
      It’s going to be interesting, given that most of our readers are marketers. Can they figure out what worked and what didn’t?

  2. Hi Nicolas!

    Yes! Test and test and test is the best way to learn. Sometimes agencies and marketers are not aware of the importance of testing also the Email Subject. Which is very easy to test and crucial to maximize the open rate!


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