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Top 10 Startup Communities to Join in 2024


When 9 out of 10 startups fail, you know you’ll need all the help you can get.

And what better help than from those who face the same challenges as you? Namely, other startup founders who create startup communities to exchange experience, know-how, and tools with one another.

Some communities are bigger, some are smaller, some are exclusive, and some are open.

Well, we made a list with the best of them.

1. Founders Network

Established in 2011, Founders Network aims to help you navigate the challenges of building and growing your startup. The invite-only community seeks to create a collaborative environment where you can share experiences, seek advice, and build valuable connections.

Founders Network’s members are some of the most serious and committed entrepreneurs you’ll find out there. The platform also offers exclusive access to a library of webinars, workshops, and articles, as well as regular meetups and events. 

💲 Cost: $75/month 
🚪 Access: Invite-only, but you can request an invite through their website.
👍 We like it because: It offers a supportive environment for startup founders with mentorship and networking opportunities.

2. No Code Founders

Born in the no-code revolution, Code Founders is a startup community dedicated to non-technical entrepreneurs. Accordingly, it helps its members build and grow their startups, without the need to learn how to code along the way.

The startup community provides resources like tutorials, templates, and tools that enable you to create and scale your business without technical expertise. What’s more, it hosts virtual events and a rich library of resources.

💲 Cost: Free/ $15 per month for premium
🚪 Access: Open access with options to join for free or upgrade to a premium membership.
👍 We like it because: It’s a startup community dedicated to non-technical founders.

3. Indie Hackers

Over the last few years, Indie Hackers has grown to include tens of thousands of members focused on building profitable online businesses. Indie Hackers provides a platform for you to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, learn from each other, and share your successes and failures.

In the community, you’ll find many interviews with successful entrepreneurs, detailed case studies, and a supportive environment where you can find inspiration and practical advice.

💲 Cost: Free
🚪 Access:  Public, anyone can join by signing up on their website.
👍 We like it because: Many bootstrap stories/ welcoming UX

4. Product Hunt

The popular platform that showcases the latest in tech products, Product Hunt is also a great place to engage with all bright minds who create these bright digital products. Launched in 2013, it t has become a go-to resource for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike.

Product Hunt features daily updates on new product launches, allowing you to vote and comment on your favorites. It also hosts online events and AMAs with prominent figures in the tech industry. 

💲 Cost: Free 
🚪 Access: Public, open to everyone with a sign-up option.
👍 We like it because: It features the newest products and you can engage directly with the builders and creators behind them.

5. Startup Grind

A supportive community for startups at all stages. According to the company page itself, it’s “dedicated to fostering the growth of early-stage companies from bootstrapped beginnings through Series A rounds.” Now Startup Grind counts more than 3.5 million members in more than 125 countries. 

The community offers both free and premium memberships. Accordingly, it provides access to a range of resources including video content from past events, mentorship opportunities, and a global network of entrepreneurs. 

💲 Cost: Free/ $15 per month for premium
🚪 Access: Public, anyone can join by signing up on their website.
👍 We like it because: It hosts meetups, conferences, and summits featuring successful entrepreneurs and industry experts.

6. Growth Hackers

The first biggest community dedicated to growth hacking. Growth Hackers is a community that has been focusing on growth strategies and scaling startups since 2013.

You can join for free, with an option to upgrade to a premium membership for more exclusive content and resources. Growth Hackers also offers online events and workshops, where you can learn from some of the top growth hackers and veteran entrepreneurs. 

💲 Cost: Free/ $49 per month for premium
🚪 Access: Open access with both free and premium membership options.
👍 We like it because: It hosts exclusive AMA sessions with some of the top minds from the industry.

7. FoundersBeta

A startup community that grows along with thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. FoundersBeta is an excellent platform for finding team members and networking with other founders; an ideal community for you if you are looking to build strong teams and grow your business.

The community offers online forums, job boards, and a library of resources to help your startup succeed. What’s more, it organizes virtual events and hackathons, providing opportunities for you to collaborate and learn from each other.

💲 Cost: Free
🚪 Access: Public, anyone can join by signing up on their website.
👍 We like it because: It connects startup founders with co-founders, talent, and resources.

8. Growth Mentor Community

As the name gives way, Growth Mentor connects entrepreneurs and team leads with growth mentors. Through one-on-one sessions, these mentors offer personalized advice and guidance on scaling your business.

Its community aims to create a network with growth-minded founders and marketers. From finding a co-founder or a brainstorming partner to getting product feedback and exchanging links, you can get out a lot from Growth Mentor’s networking.

💲 Cost: From $12/month
🚪 Access: Membership fee
👍 We like it because: It offers one-on-one mentoring sessions with experienced growth mentors.

9. The Fastlane Entrepreneur Forum

Launched in 2007, it has become a hub for entrepreneurs who prioritize rapid wealth creation and financial independence. The community includes thousands of members who actively share their experiences and strategies for building successful businesses.

The Fastlane Entrepreneur Forum is known for its no-nonsense approach and dedicated community, making it a unique space for you if you are committed to achieving significant financial success through your ventures.

💲 Cost: From $4/month
🚪 Access: Membership fee
👍 We like it because: Its primary focus is rapid wealth creation and financial independence through scalable business models.

10. Startup Nation Community

A trusted source of information and support for entrepreneurs around the world for almost 20 years. Startup Nation’s community includes thousands of entrepreneurs who get better at what they do from its extensive resources and active forums.

The platform is free to join and provides access to articles, podcasts, webinars, and a supportive community forum. Startup Nation is known for its practical advice and real-world insights, making it a valuable resource for you at any stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

💲 Cost: Free
🚪 Access: Public, anyone can join by signing up on their website.
👍 We like it because: It has content written by industry-leading contributing and researchers, and thought leaders.


Hopefully, this list will help you find a place where you can give and take valuable startup wisdom.

Also, make sure to check our other list of the top SaaS communities.

And if you need a helping hand, consider talking with a startup marketing agency or a startup consulting firm to find out if and how they can help you. From consultation or acting as a fractional CMO to full implementation, there are many ways you can collaborate with one

You can also contact us now and we’ll let you know how we can help you grow your startup.

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