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Known as "Growth-Junkie"

Growth Junkie is an enterprise level training program developed for the needs of Enterprises of any size and stage.

It’s an intra-company training program that can help bring your business to another level of operational excellence by focussing on your employees.

The training takes place on-premises, strictly for employees of your company, so that you can get the most out of it.

Growth Junkie takes place either on location at your establishment or at a venue booked specifically for such an occasion. Since only your organisation is involved, the time schedule belongs to you to schedule as you see fit considering your employee’s availability, training prices, etc.

This training program could also be a continuous training taking your employees’ career plans into account and aids your holistic marketing strategy.

Usually, sessions involve between 4 to 16 staff and take place within the company’s offices, in which case it qualifies as an intra-residential training. Extra-residential sessions are located at another venue, such as a training centre’s facility.

The Growth-Junkie training facilitates more control and more refined management. Whether you’re a Business Owner, a Marketing Director, a C-Level Manager or an employee seeking a career boost, Growth-Junkie training provides the means.

Why Growth Junkie training is beneficial for your business

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    Customisable content and program

    Because the training sessions involve your organisation’s employees only, highly customisable content could be a foregone conclusion (if you wish so). This is ideal to answer a specific marketing need. Consequentially, the training has high strategic value potentially giving employees the skillset necessary to fulfill top priority marketing missions.

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    Pricing mechanisms

    The more employees involved, the more profitable the training.

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    Ideally, the training takes place within your offices, meaning your employees won’t be displaced. This enables better logistics and your employees won’t need to transport themselves.

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    Schedule modification

    You can not only tailor the training sessions’ content but also their duration. One of the specificities of Growth-Junkie training is their highly modifiable nature.

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    No need for Confidentiality

    The perimeter is set: only employees from your company can participate, therefore even specific confidential content can be utilised to customise your training even further so that sessions will match your corporation’s internal processes and activities.

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    Better productivity and reduced costs

    The Growth-Junkie training enables all kind of employees to acquire new skills and knowledge about new tools or refine their existing competencies. In addition to this, it is agreeable to assert that such a training represents a solid opportunity to effectively enhance your talent pool with less risk-taking and more control.

Your Main Instructors


Theodoros Moulos

Theodore has a 15-year experience in running successful and profitable software products. Currently, he is the Group CEO of GrowthRocks, one of the first international growth hacking marketing agencies. His career includes managerial roles for companies both in Greece and abroad and he has significant skills on intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship.

One of his major career achievements was building i- docs an international product in Customer Communication Management and segmatiX, a product on marketing automation which very quickly found traction in important markets in Europe


Bill Stathopoulos

Bill used to be a Growth & Content Marketer, working hard to deliver Inbound and Content Marketing strategies and campaigns that outperform expectations.

He has a background in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship, as well as a natural incline towards Marketing, which makes him the perfect fit for the world of Growth Hacking. Due to his extrovert attitude, he moved into sales and partner management position helping GrowthRocks in penetrating new geographies.

He is also an instructor in Growth Hacking Academy and Digital Marketing Diploma by HAU