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Messenger Strategy & Automation

Your customers and prospects use Instant Messaging applications daily.

It’s a trend that’s going to continue even more, with Facebook Messenger dominating the messenger space.

Large companies such as United Airlines, Pizza Hut, Denny’s Diner, Focus Features, and Patron, just to name a few, are way ahead in the customer service department. Why? Because they all have chatbots implemented into their social media channels.

Chatbots are also very easy to use. With Facebook Messenger, you can create bots with Quick Replies. Quick Replies are pre-filled options that a user can choose if one matches their need. For example, a customer is greeted with an automatic welcome message asking them to choose the appropriate option. If they need to find the closest store location, they would select the appropriate Quick Reply. The bot would respond asking them to send their current location and then it would provide them with the store closest to the sent location.

Businesses are using chatbots because they make it convenient to get help quickly. With today’s technology and people’s skills, you can program a chatbot to do a number of things. And that’s exactly what businesses are doing. Making it easy to order or reorder certain menu items, subscribing to news updates, playing trivia, or just something as simple as notifying a customer of a store’s business hours.

Activities Towards Messenger

This is a list of the most typical activities we perform in a tailored manner for your eCommerce site

– Create a strategy around the bot and potential user needs it could fulfill.

– Generate automation flows according to the strategy, with email captures, Messenger bot subscription and even payments via PayPal to your eCommrce site.

– Implement the Messenger chatbot flows for your eCommerce Site (e.g. subscribe to news, receive the outfit of the week suggestion, check the product catalog, etc.).

– Create a bot launch strategy, tying the bot to existing promotions and potential benefits to users, so they feel the urge to subscribe (e.g. run a contest through Messenger, boosted through Paid Advertising to skyrocket the signup rates).

– Go live with the chatbot, test and optimize the flows in order to achieve the highest possible conversion rates and completed flows.

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