It’s an exciting time to be on Instagram. The popular photo-sharing app is fun, simple and growing—Instagram has more than 700 million monthly users and sky-high user engagement levels.
Here is a list with some of the tactics we uncovered that could help you grow a bigger, relevant audience on Instagram:

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    Posting strategy

    being consistent and finding the right time to post on Instagram according to your audience can boost your post engagement and eventually increase your account’s visibility and number of followers.

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    Hashtag research

    much like with SEO, when you are competing against other accounts for the ranking on specific keywords (hashtags in our case), performing research in advance and optimizing your posts with the right hashtag groups, can be a game changer

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    we are not alone out there. By partnering up with non-directly competing accounts, we could increase the followers of your Instagram account in an organic, optimized manner that generates a loyal, engaged following.

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    leveraging the power of targeted micro-influencers with an already established following can help an account growth fast as long as it is producing relevant, high-quality content in a consistent manner.


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    The Stories

    as with Instagram posts, stories deserve their own strategy, theme, and approach (hashtag strategy, location tagging, etc.) as they have become one of Instagram’s most used features.

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    Live bradcasting

    as one of Instagram’s latest features, live video broadcasting can give your account a huge boost. Not only is your account placed on top of other users’ stories as soon as you go live, your followers also receive a notification on their phones to tune in to your broadcasting.

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