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What is a growth plan?

A Growth Plan with all the channels to be explored and the relevant cost of paid channels (all based on the baseline)

A Growth Plan helps us to separate the NOW, the LATER, the MAYBE, and the NEVER – some things can work right away, like driving traffic through minimal spend on Google AdWords. Other things take time to build, like generating a meaningful Facebook audience. So get started on the long game – building an audience, SEO – while moving quickly on the immediate – paid search, events, pitches, coffees.

So now that you know what a Growth Plan is and why you need one, the question of how you can establish a working one that is unique, agile, and tailored to your business needs. There are three main requirements that you must account for to do this.

First, it must be dynamic. If you only use averages to build your Growth Plan, it will only account for expected behavior and fail to report on external factors that may lead to a spike or dip..

Second, it must be inclusive. You must be able to report on all conversions made, not just those by people who are exposed to your marketing. Without this data, it is impossible to have a Growth Plan.

Finally, your Growth Plan must be integrated into all attribution computations. If you even once ignore it, your marketing attribution is no longer valid.
Creating a growth plan for your marketing is no small task, but to accurately measure your marketing efforts, it is essential to create a dynamic, inclusive, and integrated one.
With an accurate Growth Plan, you can uncover new insights about each of your marketing channels well beyond determining the sources of conversions

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