Social media are changing. The behavior of the audience on Facebook and Instagram is reshaping based on the new features available and all the new capabilities offered online. Changes in the Facebook algorithm was impacted the organic reach of the posts, Instagram stories have conquered the average time spent online, Snapchat is slowly dying and Twitter is making efforts to be relevant once again.

Nevertheless, your brand needs to be part of the social media world no matter what. There are now almost 2.5 billion social media users. Chatbots are becoming the norm and social media users are ready to send a message to a page and request more information about a product/service, buy or make a complaint. Influencers marketings have taken Instagram by storm. Giveaways, promo codes, and indirect selling are more and more frequent to our Instagram stories and feed.  All this social activity cannot be ignored!

To be successful, one thing is absolutely sure. The most important step in order to achieve social media growth and see business results is to always monitor what’s going on online and optimize your digital strategy. Monitoring tools and experimentation are your now favorite habits!

What to look for 🔎

You should be aware how your audience interacts with your content. Do they usually engage more with photos or with articles? Is there a type of content that people prefer? Are they more active during the morning or during the event? These questions can be easily answered using social media analytics. Insights are the cornerstone of your social media success. All social media platforms provide a basic level of Analytics, so marketers can understand the post’ performance. All these metrics are an absolutely necessary feedback for your social media management. But it’s not enough!

Besides your own data for social media performance, you should also monitor conversations happening online and concern your brand. Knowledge is power, and that’s especially true with social media monitoring. When you combine your own data with what happens online, only then you are wise enough to make decisions for your overall strategy. Why is that? Because you can analyze the information to make informed decisions about how you promote on social media in order to achieve maximum engagement – which, in turn, can increase sales.

Social media monitoring gives you the opportunity to make the most of social media — or, at the very least, give your company the chance to respond to customers. You can tune into conversations happening online to see what people are saying about you, your products, your competition — anything, really. According to Salesforce, social media monitoring is super important!

Social Media Monitoring is a great way to see what people think of your brand and how much of an impact your marketing efforts have.Click To Tweet

For example, your reputation may be at risk if someone is criticizing your brand and you do not monitor social media as to respond. Or, in a more positive note, you may want to see users that share the love for your products and just say “thank you!”

Most tools work by the user writing a query to find the mentions he/she is interested in. This query is the keyword for which you are interested in.

Let’s see practically how to monitor social media: The first step is to create a list of keywords to monitor. Depending on your goals, you may want to monitor conversations about your brand, products, services, industry, competitors, and competitors’ products. Once you have your list, you’re ready to start monitoring. Most social media networks have a search feature like #tags and @tags, making it easy to bring up just the results you want.

Unfortunately, the results may not always be relevant and generally, the manual search can be limited. Besides the quality of the results which is a huge issue just imagine: What if you want to monitor Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for your brand name, campaign keywords, and your branded products? This task will require so much time if you do it manually.

Thank God there are several good tools to check out!

Based on Salesforce Marketing Cloud Report, 83% of B2B Marketers and 85% of B2C Marketers find these tools important.

Tools to check out 🤓

Social media monitoring would be extremely difficult without tools. Tools allow you to keep track of a list of keywords across multiple platforms, all in one place, with live updates. Essentially they make your life easier and your work more professional.

So, I have prepared for you a list containing our team’s favorite tools for social media monitoring!

Social Mention




Social Mention is a social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user-generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information.

You can search for your keyword in blogs, articles and more. Social mention lets you see the results of mentions, check the sentiment (positive, neutral or negative) and top users associated with the use of your keyword.




This is one my personal favorite tools for social media management as well as listening. HootSuite is one of the best free social media listening tools available and covers multiple social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Foursquare, and Google+. It is well known for its social media management functions.

Find and filter social conversations by keyword, hashtag, and location—in multiple languages—to hear what people are saying about your brand, competitors, and industry.

Sprout Social

Paid – Premium 99$ per user/month



Sprout Social is a tool used and trusted by big brands. You can track campaigns, easily engage and tag messages from the Smart Inbox—a single, filterable stream to monitor keywords, hashtags, ad engagement, and organic profile activity. What’s really nice with Sprout Social is how you can identify brand Advocates. You may use reference contextual information to identify and intelligently engage with leads turning your social media marketing campaigns into tangible ROI!

Streamview for Instagram

Paid – 5.00$ per month


This is a Hootsuite app and definitely worths to check it out. You can connect your Instagram account and this app lets you monitor comments, create powerful searches, discover influencers and analyze results with the “Streamview for Instagram” app. You can also respond to users and analyze your account’s statistics. Streamview’s rich search capabilities provide you with a dashboard to monitor and analyze locations, hashtags, and combinations of both.

Media Toolkit

Free to Paid (99$ per month)


Track online mentions with Mediatoolkit in real time. Whether Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or website mentions – you’ll get an instant alert.

I would strongly suggest you check the success stories found at Media Toolkit’s blog. In this way, you can find out how to implement media monitoring in everyday business practice even if you are a rookie at it.

Zoho Social

Paid (from €8.33 per month billed annually)

A real-time social media monitoring tool for your business. Using Zoho Social you can monitor keywords and hashtags, discover new leads, and listen to what’s being said about your brand across social networks.

I love their tagline “The best time to engage is in real time”. Zoho Social enables you to respond and interact with users who engage with your brand on social media. See a new follower? Say hello, instantly. Got a new direct message? Reply inline and keep the conversation going. That’s pretty cool!

To conclude

Consumers have conversations on their own time all the time. They share their love, they post about services they hated, they talk a lot! You cannot -and you don’t want to- control it! What you should do, though, is to always monitor and engage in conversation when appropriate!

The list of available tools could be endless. Tools for social listening, analytics and monitoring launch and other tools die. This is the way thing happen in the digital world. Depending on your location, your budget, and your industry, you may find another tool that will be excellent for what you are looking for. Make your research online, ask for colleagues and forum and test available tools!

Have you used any of these tools I propose?

If you have a favorite to propose, make sure to let me know with a comment or a tweet!



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