GrowthRocks’ primary driver is its consulting practice. We offer four service tiers to our clients:

  • GrowthBites
  • Pure Growth Consulting and Project Management
  • Growth Consulting with Implementation Deliverables, and
  • Full outsourcing of Growth and New Business Development

Each tier was created as a result of our interaction with clients of all sizes and stages of development:

Tier 4: Full Outsourcing of Growth and New Business Development

If you are a startup or a company that outsources part of its IT and Web operations, this tier is for you. GrowthRocks can work with your existing setup to define and deliver specific results for specific pain points and/or business targets. In addition to consulting with you on Growth and managing the project, GrowthRocks will implement the agreed Growth Action Plan, keeping you constantly updated on the results and performing all the necessary actions to achieve the desired result.