Creating automated emails will allow us to be more efficient in our digital marketing actions and build the ground for a continuous and segment-based communication, nurturing users to become backers.

Certain valuable group-automated emails will be personalized and customized:

  • Personalized email flows & frequency for increasing returning customers, i.e registered users (will use MailChimp at first and then examine more advanced solutions like Hubspot, Marketo or Pardot). Mailchimp will be used for list building & drip campaigns in order to qualify leads and convert them to customers.
  • Send plain text email content in order to generate an open-ended conversation.
  • Part of the email flow will be a survey, requesting feedback about product/user experience. Up-sell and cross-sell products
  • Implement a very engaging e-newsletter
  • Promote content via social media that requires email registration to access

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