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Door International

Corporate Services

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Project Overview

DOOR is a global training, coaching & consulting partner specializing in culture journeys and Talend Development. 

DOOR offers simple, fast, and effective solutions to help corporates grow continuously and achieve their and therefore the company’s best results.

DOOR provides a wide and unique portfolio of world-class solutions and DOOR-owned training programs. The integrated offerings include strategy alignment consulting, assessment services, world-class process and skills content, and technology-enabled solutions.

Growth Tactics

There were two points of focus we gave to this project. 

It’s a services company for large corporations. That means that users will never buy “at first sight” but will have to follow the nurturing path. To begin, we needed to generate more leads for the customer, track their behaviors, and design relevant funnels. We created new engaging landing pages with forms, quizzes, and eBooks for this reason. We used tracking techniques to identify the users’ journey on these pages.

The next step was to qualify and identify which leads have the potential of becoming actual clients. We were able to filter which leads had positions or roles in their organization that represented DOOR’s target audience using data enrichment techniques. This strategy could save DOOR’s salespeople time from having to filter out the leads themselves, giving them more time to persuade the important ones.

Building a Growth Machine

  • Branding and Web development – We created landing pages following their original site branding to convert leads into new customers. 
  • Building a growth machine – To nurture leads coming organically or based on paid ads or different traffic drivers.
  • Email marketing – We created a full set of email sequences and automated responses.

Integration with Various Platforms & Systems

  • Active Campaign to capture and nurture leads
  • Clearbit to enrich new leads’ data and qualify automatically users
  • Calendly to integrate the booking of consulting sessions with the DOOR’s specialists
  • Data studio for integrated reporting via Supemetric’s data connectors
  • Integration with the outreach approach for addressing new potential customers via different channels
  • Integration with the Sales-Led part of the organization to get feedback, lead generation and quality score for the generated leads

High Ticket Services for corporates

We implemented an automation and qualification approach from the ground-up, fully integrated with account provisioning and multiple follow-up paths we wanted to have

Project Duration


months (on-going)




an increase on flows managed automatically and not by humans




Monitoring the progress of the company in real time is priceless for the owners and directors of the company.

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