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Project Overview

CareerPaths is a career mentoring platform that connects users with qualified industry professionals for priceless career advice in Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Investment Banking.

Growth Tactics

The main focus was to find new leads that would book a consultation with the platform’s mentors. 

Using Google Tag Manager on their website, Google Apps Scripts, and Zapier, we managed to apply our growth strategy and capture leads, coming organically or based on paid ads, to nurture them and convert them into new customers. 

We implemented functionalities to monitor how many mentors each user visits and books appointments and which mentor has the most profile visits. This functionality will help to determine the performance of each mentor. 

Furthermore, we added referral functionality to track, calculate and award the platforms that bring more leads to CareerPaths. 

Building a Growth Machine

  • Branding and Web development – We created landing pages following their original site branding to convert leads into new customers. 
  • Building a growth machine – To nurture leads coming organically or based on paid ads or different traffic drivers.
  • Email marketing – We created a full set of email sequences and automated responses.

Integration with Various Platforms & Systems

  • Active Campaign to capture and nurture leads
  • CareersPath to capture users based on the activity performed in the backend
  • Data studio for integrated reporting via Supemetric’s data connectors
  • Integration with the Different referral Systems for identifying intents, users, and their activities, attributed back to the proper referrer.
  • Integration with the Sales-Led part of the organization to get feedback, lead generation and quality score for the generated leads

Project Duration


months (on-going)




an increase on flows managed automatically and not by humans




Having multiple referrers the most important topic is attribution. We managed to cover this aspect in the most complete way supported by a great reporting mechanism

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