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GrowthRocks Is A Growth Hacking Marketing Agency That Helps Startups And Well-Established Companies Achieve Rapid And Sustainable Growth.

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We offer growth hacking marketing consulting for companies of all sizes and many times to teams with the idea, the drive and the commitment. Our customers vary from established multinational companies to international start-ups.


We offer training on the latest growth hacking theory, tools, and techniques as well as on our own approach and methodologies for marketing professionals, startup members and even whole internet marketing departments.

SAAS Products

GrowthRocks is the company behind Viral Loops, a template-based viral marketing platform to launch your referral programs, milestone campaigns, sweepstakes, competitions and pre-launch campaigns. We have a fair advantage of specialized consulting into this field.

As an Agency we are proud to provide growth hacking marketing services to these clients

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for startups and entrepreneurs, providing you with the knowledge, tools and techniques needed to become a rockstar growth hacker

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