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New York

Working with New Yorkers and training them for years as well as growing local businesses, we live and breath New York and its business culture, ethics and specifics.

Indeed, it’s different and very challenging. But we’ve developed an expertise that’s unique and also very valuable. Try us out!

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Consulting Services

Growth Consulting at its best. Our allocated senior member or our team will be consulting you on the strategy and metrics as well as on the monitoring the strategy. He will act as your intermediate CMO or VP of Growth. 

SAAS Products

GrowthRocks will act as a result-driven growth team with a growth master that will plan, manage, coordinate and monitor the implementation. At the end all knowhow will pass to the internal teams or founders


We offer training on the latest growth hacking theory, tools, and techniques. We transform founders to growth hackers giving them all the skills they need to skyrocket their companies 

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Kind of companies we serve in New York area

Market Places

2-side marketplaces are difficult to launch, as they require a synchronization between supply and demand. Which one should you build first for your services or products?

Local Brands

Brick-and-Mortar or Global brands based in NYC are facing the problem of a big, diversified city full of opportunities but also challenges.

E-commerces / SaaS

If self-service, zero-touch on-boarding is your digital game, we have you covered. It covers products, services or info-products all with end-to-end digital funnels.

Get Training in NYC

Our Trainers have proven knowledge running in-class and intracompany, workshops, hackathons and executive MBA classes all around the globe​

At your premises

The training takes place within your offices, meaning your employees won’t be displaced. Your employees won’t need to transport themselves

In-class Training

You can not only tailor the training sessions’ content but also their duration and context. One of our specificities is our highly modifiable nature.

Consulting Services in NYC

From early-stage startups with limited financial capabilities, to established companies, we have you covered. There are many ways to work together that will fit your plan and structure

Pure Consulting

If you already have a strong Digital marketing team and just need us to help you create a digital Marketing strategy or simply audit your activities across different channels and service providers.

Full Execution

If you’re running short on resources or do not have enough time to manage your marketing campaigns, Hire us as your Growth Master and our team will take care of the rest

Companies we've worked with in NYC

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