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Topic: Funnels

What is: Funnels

Funnels are making sure that users will be transformed from simple anonymous visitors to named customers. It consists of many stages. Companies have multiple funnels.

All the terms you need to know about Funnels


Events are used to track user interactions with web, mobile applications, or back-offices.
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Once you have attracted your visitors you will need to convert a Cold Audience into Buying Customers by providing them value.
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Funnel Stages

The stages of your funnel(s) should be defined during your growth marketing strategy. At the time that you are building your Markitecture.
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Leads Forensics

Lead forensics is a term that refers to the use of digital forensics techniques to gather and analyze data from leads, or potential sources of information, in a digital auditing or investigation.
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A markitecture (putting together the word marketing + architecture) is selecting the correct components to build up the funnel moving data across those different components
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