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Referral Marketing - SaaS

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viral loops

Project Overview

Viral Loops is an all-in-one viral marketing self-service platform to launch your referral programs, sweepstakes, competitions and pre-launch campaigns. Viral Loops provides lifecycle embeddable viral and referral abilities to both web and mobile apps, allowing companies to acquire new customers and understand the relationships of their existing customers, so as to drive more sales and increase conversions.


Viral-Loops Limited


SEO, Outreaching and B2B Sales

Viral loops has implemented a set of growth processes and a very detailed growth plan to bring fast results and be established in the Referral Arena

Besides the strategies implemented by their awesome internal growth team, they wanted to accomplish specific tasks such as outreahing specific channels, or building-up a b2b distribution channel. That needed some abilities that combine the business with the technical and marketing expertise

Growth Tactics

We executed the following Growth Tactics as a set of integral parts of their well orchestrated growth plan and set of procedures.

Outreaching channels

Finding ways to approach different networks and convert them into a lead generation machine. Combined with awesome copywrite and creative thinking we were able to activate and establish channels that will deliver Viral-Loops a sustainable growth

Establishing a b2b channel via SEO

While Viral Loops was concentrating into b2b self-service sales via various channels, we overtook to task to establish a b2b channels that couldn’t be completed on-line. We had to a) establish the process, b) build up the sales literature, c) build up a marketing strategy to outreach potential customers and d) pitch them on Viral Loops behalf. That, involved email marketing in terms of automating the flow and taking care of very engaging copywrite

Smart approach

When you see what people are searching for… create some domains to end-up on you…


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Increase in b2b sales

Building a steady revenue stream from Small Enterprises with the stickiness we wanted. Targeted long term referral marketing needs.



Increased Ranking Positions

Using Engineer-as-marketing and other tactics, superior content management and link building among them we manage to rank for our keywords. 




By using smart strategies in various forms we  managed to get a ton of backlinks from various domains and business apps. leveraging our customer’s referral program also played a great role.



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