What if you've had a way to pay for SEO only if it works. Well, there is...

What's that?

Pay for SEO like you would pay for PPC

Most SEO gurus and SEO Agencies charge for a particular type of SEO service that promises to bring results, clients pay and hope results will come. What if it didn’t have to be this way? What if you would only pay for actual traffic the SEO campaign brings in. What if this traffic was lower than your cheapest Adwords campaign?  Would you go for it?

We craft an SEO campaign end to end. We take over the ranking risk (remember the cost is lower for us, than for you, so yes we can afford it). Then we charge you on per CPC basis for the extra organic traffic you generated during our contract.

We do that by charging 50% of the current Adwords value of a keyword. Yeap, that’s right you pay half the price you would pay if you were running on Adwords alone. That means double the traffic, double conversions, etc. Also keep in mind, that most people don’t click on ads, therefore if you have reached the cap on your Adwords, there still more room for leads to bring in with SEO.

How is that possible?

Google & Other Engines are Unpredictable

SEO is an investment that pays slowly as time passes by. If you invest in the proper keywords and assets the investment pays off and most of the time it pays better than any other acquisition channel. If not you end up losing (lots of) money.  There lies an element of Risk that scares off most business people away.

SEO Risk seems completely uncontrollable, most calculations and estimates are completely inaccurate and a rule-of-thumb formulas don’t work half of the time you execute an SEO campaign.

Google and most search engines operate in a “black box” environment that makes ranking a web page for a particular keyword hard. Click To Tweet

Sometimes completely random fluctuations are observed in the search results. Multiple layers of AI filtering change the weightings daily, on per-query basis and optimize results in such a way that not even an engineer at Google could know why a page ranks or doesn’t rank.

GrowthRocks has an amazing digital marketing team that is able to deliver real results in a number of different growth hacking initiatives.

 Their in-depth experience and work ethics make them an indisposable asset to our growth-driven marketing efforts.

george makkoulis

George Makkoulis, Avocarrot Co-Founder


George Makkoulis, Avocarrot Co-Founder

george makkoulis
 Their in-depth experience and work ethics make them an indisposable asset to our growth-driven marketing efforts.