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SEO services to select from, based on the stage of your business endeavour. Select what you need based on the purpose you need it for.

A New Site is coming

Ideal when you are launching a brand new website and you want traffic from day 1.

it includes

  • KW Research (Batches of 4)
  • OnPage Guidelines for Devs and Content Creators
  • OnSite Guidelines for Devs and Content Creators
  • SEO HealthCheck Before Going Live
  • 3 SEO HealthChecks After Going Live
That's my case

You migrate to a New Site

When you are changing your website and already have organic traffic. Improper SEO migration can bring your organic traffic to square 1, back from scratch!

It includes:

  • OLD Site Mapping 
  • KW Research
  • OnPage Guidelines (Devs+Content)
  • OnSite Guidelines (Devs+Content)
  • NEW Site Mapping when site is Ready 
  • Setup Redirect Rules and Communicated with Devs
  • SEO HealthCheck Before Going Live
  • 3 SEO HealthChecks After Going Live
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Looking for Product / Market Fit

You are launching a new product and are in need of some targeted organic traffic for testing or to demonstrate to your potential investors that your site gets organic traffic.

It includes:

  • KW Research for your Site
  • KW Research for Content Marketing
  • OnPage Guidelines + Manual Inspections 
  • OnSite Guidelines + Manual Inspections  
  • Outreach & Exposure Deals (Sponsored)
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You run a local business

Any local business is in need of this package. If you don’t exist locally on google how can you expect your clients to find you? 

it includes

  • KW Research
  • OnPage Guidelines + Manual Inspections
  • OnSite Guidelines + Manual Inspections
  • Business Directories Submission
  • Local Publishers Outreach (Sponsored)
Indeed! I run a physical store

Your brand doesn't Rank

Still not ranking for your brand terms? In need of capturing more search real estate for your brand name? No problem.

It includes:

  • KW Research (Brand Variations and Long Tails)
  • Assesment of Rankability
  • OnPage Guidelines + Manual Inspections
  • OnSite Guidelines + Manual Inspections
  • Sponsored Deals to maximize Brand Mentions
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You just need a SEO Heath Check

Just like with your health your site needs some checkups every now and then to make sure it is inline with the latest best practices and ranking algorithms.

It includes:

  • OnSite Guidelines
  • OnPage Guidelines
  • Site Wide Bot Inspection
  • Manual Inspection of Selected Pages

You want to learn what your competitors are doing

Ideal when you know your competitors and want to get insights and uncover their SEO strategies (or the lack of them), their weaknesses (to exploit) or strengths (to avoid)

it includes

  • Brands Comparison
  • Keywords they are ranking organically
  • Keywords they run ads (AdWords)
  • Where do they promote?
  • Types of Promotions they perform
Let the espionage begin!

Get Prepared for Content Marketing

Ready to start creating content that rocks? SEO goes hand in hand with content, so bring it aligned, or even better structure your content topics around organic, searchable terms that you can rank for.

It includes:

  • KW Research for Content Marketing (12)
  • Execution Strategy Guide
  • Blog Post Optimization Guide
  • Guest Post Optimization Guide
Ready for Content, baby!

I need Authority

Off-Site SEO & Authority Building is needed when your site requires more online authority in order to rank No 1.

It includes:

  • Outreach Activities
  • Sponsored Articles Operations Handling
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SEO Insights and Reports

A real time monitoring dashboard to make sure your site is in good shape at any moment. Easy to spot errors and mistakes. You can also track your rankings & Links from here.

it includes

  • Daily Updated On/Off Site SEO Monitor
  • All Important Metrics Are Tracked Here
  • Rankings for selected keywords
  • Brand Mentions
  • New Links 
Enlight me!

Stick to the Top & Keep on Rising

This is a bundle of many SEO services from the list above. After achieving or performing the original campaign, you must secure your ranking positions. With this bundle, most clients see a slow growth on other keywords. It is ideal for organic traffic maintenance.

It includes:

  • SEO Dashboard (rankings only)
  • Low Tempo Off Site & Authority Building
  • (Op) Bi-Yearly Competitive SEO Landscape (For your Top-3 Competitors)
  • (Op) Bi-Yearly SEO HealthCheck
  • (Op) One Article per month
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None of the above

Your SEO needs are not described (or you believe they aren't) in the options above.  You need a custom SEO approach. We have you covered


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