Includes implementing the appropriate tools, monitoring user behavior on the eCommerce Platform and providing detailed insights on what needs to be optimized to increase conversion rate. It is important that your e-shop fulfills our main purpose, which is to “start a conversation” with our visitors, gather feedback, remove any barriers to purchase and convince them to trust us and make a purchase.

This is normally an ongoing process and we will be constantly running experiments to measure how the hooks work and how we can modify your sales pages in order to improve our conversion rate.

Email Marketing (User Retention and Loyalty)

We will optimize your Email Marketing efforts to existing customers and MQLs, create nurturing campaigns and make sure that any subscriber has the “motivation” they need in order to make a purchase when they are ready.

We will also work on creating a process to leverage content produced and published on Social Media accounts for Email Marketing purposes, maximizing your content’s potential through repurposing. Nurturing might also make sense for most of the eCommerce owners to happen through Facebook Messenger, given the nature and preferences of the audience, which we will look into. Email Marketing will also address cart abandonment by integrating your eCommerce Platform with Marketing Automation or emailing systems.