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Volta Wireless

Mobile App - Privacy Provider

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Project Overview

It’s platform providing all-in-one services never met before. Volta brings together a mobile network, a VPNS and secured payments.

Volta Private Mobile for Fast, Reliable, Secure, Unlimited talk, text and data in 200+ countries with no one tracking your identity, location or communications

Volta Private Number. A completely anonymous phone number to make and receive phone calls and messages without providing any personal information and without anyone being able to track your communications.

Volta Private Messenger for Encrypted Voice Calls, Video Calls, Messaging and 

Volta Private Network VPN for Secure Browsing on up to 6 devices at the same time. 

Volta Private Payments for safe Payments to anyone, almost anywhere in the world with no fees and no one monitoring your financial


Volta Wireless


Building a Growth Machine

  • Web / App development – It’s a turn-key privacy provider. The focus thus is around integration with third party platforms and the UX aspect of offering a total solution to the users.We manage to create a web app very user intuitive and friendly
  • Building a growth machine – To nurture leads coming organically or based on paid ads or different traffic drivers as below
  • On-Site / Off-Site SEO – Starting from a keyword analysis, content strategy, copywriting, lead magnets generation. Link building and guest blogging 
  • Email marketing – We created a full set of email sequences (one-email per day during the pre-launch and launch period)

Integration with Various Platforms

  • Active Campaign to capture and nurture leads
  • Calendly to integrate the booking a consulting session with the Doctors
  • Data studio for integrated reporting via Supemetric’s data connectors
  • Sim Card Provider to provide e-sims

Web platform

We implemented an e-commerce platform with all the supportive backend from the ground-up, fully integrated with account provisioning and multiple plans we wanted to have

Project Duration


months (on-going)




of activities managed by configurable inbound and operational flows

SEO Visibility



All traffic has been handled and managed from our community management team

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