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Growthrocks Is a Growth Hacking Marketing Agency That Helps Startups and Well-Established Companies Achieve Rapid and Sustainable Growth

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What is Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is data-driven digital marketing that uses rapid experimentation and low-budget tactics to determine the most effective ways to grow a business. In growth hacking, paid ads are just the enabler not the main digital strategy.

Growth Hacking Agency

Get Early Traction

Achieve optimum product-market-fit and get the proof and tangible early traction.

Grow Your Product

Boost your most promising customer acquisition channels and drive rapid growth to your business.

Optimize Your Campaigns

Increase conversions and maximize the ROI and revenue at the bottom of your funnel.

Growth Areas


Increase Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers means understanding what makes your customers tick. A successful company should have a continuous flow with prospects and be careful for not wasting money in the wrong channels.

Increase your traffic and generate leads

Discover new customer acquisition channels

Optimize your marketing campaigns

Get traction for new product launches

Enhance your SEO and Content Marketing


Optimize Customer Activation

Having traction and visitors is good. But, what you really want is to put a name, behind every click. Nurturing visitors is the only way forward. There are no shortcuts here. They need to see how they benefit from the value proposition that you promised them.

Optimize your onboarding process

Automate your onboarding communication

Identify "Aha moments" & user's journey

Remove activation bottlenecks

Make your customers actual ambassadors


Improve Customer Retention

Acquisition and Activation mean nothing if people don’t stick to your product or service. This is one of the most vital factors if you want to achieve sustainable growth. Retention is the essence of growth hacking and it is not given in any product.

Capture Accurate retention analysis

Intentify & implement tactics about stickiness

Collect feedback and implement loops

Optimize levers for keeping top-of-mind

Build advanced techniques for pulling users back


Generate More Revenue

People who pay for using your product or service are those that put the real fuel to your company. Increasing MRR and finding new revenue streams such as subscriptions or others, is part of the Growth Hacking Mindset you need to have.

Increase your trial to payable customer base

Capture & Measure the correct Metrics i.e. MRR

Engage your customers and decrease churn

Maximize your free trial and freemium conversions

Find and implement levers for upgrades

How we do it

There is no magic, just processes!

Measure What Matters

We measure what really impacts your product's or service's growth using state-of the-art growth hacking marketing tools and techniques.

Become a Champion

We help you change your mindset and become a true growth champion. This stage is crucial for achieving/growth sustainability.

Grow Quickly

And finally the "Aha!" moment. We grow your product or service quickly/by leveraging data-driven decisions/and customer psychology.

Our Services


Are you looking to grow your business but don’t know where to start? For those that have the capacity but lack the know-how, consulting is the most cost-effective way to do so. Growth consulting by the hour or per project.


First we practice, then we preach. Through our training, we share the knowledge we have and the practices we use for our clients. Learn all the necessary growth frameworks, processes, tactics, and tools.


No team for in-house growth marketing? Outsource your growth marketing to us. You are now in the hands of a result-driven growth team, led by a growth master, that will plan, manage, and monitor your growth.


If pre-seed startups need one thing the most, then that thing is growth. Growth is the standard by which every decision is made and every strategy is built. Growth hacking ensures not only that a startup grows, but also to do so organically and on solid foundations.
Traditionally, growth hacking was first used by tech startups like Hotmail and DropBox. But growth hacking doesn’t stop there. From B2B SaaS startups to established B2C eCommerce stores, every company can benefit from growth hacking when applied correctly.

In the short term, there is no real difference. However, growth hacking focuses more on Organic than Paid and on Inbound rather than Outbound.

In other words, growth hacking is building a growth machine that can run and bring results on its own in the long run, whereas the benefits of digital marketing stop the moment its campaigns and activities also stop.

Growth hacking is the branch of digital marketing where data matters more than hierarchy, and ROI is more important than brand awareness. Digital marketing primarily focuses on how to get customers while growth hacking goes beyond acquisition and examines the marketing & growth funnel holistically.


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