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Smart Eye

Holistic Security - SaaS

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Project Overview

“Smart Eye Technology is a company that just funded offering a security solution to SMEs worldwide. With Growthrocks we managed to change our focus, messages and process in addressing our ICP (Ideal Customer Persona). We needed to establish new user acquisition channels and address customers with a lot of employees to use the product with one single shot. increase conversions.

Building a Growth Machine

  • Branding and Web development – In complicated application like this one, messaging and focusing is king. We manage to define new audiences and offer specialised lingo for them specifically.
  • Building a growth machine – To nurture leads coming organically or based on paid ads or different traffic drivers as below
  • On-Site / Off-site SEO – Starting from a keyword analysis, content strategy, copywriting, lead magnets generation, 
  • Email marketing – We created a full set of email sequences (one-email per day during the pre-launch and launch period)

Integration with Various Platforms

  • Hubspot to capture and nurture leads
  • Calendly to integrate the book a demo approach
  • Data studio for integrated reporting via Supemetric’s data connectors
  • Bendo for integrating with the Mobile and WebApps in order to collect behavioural data and engage users via Push Notifications or SMS or Emails

Acquisition Channels (Traffic Drivers)


  • Discovering new marketplaces to place the product such as Samsung APPStack. 
  • Affiliation platform that we build from scratch. You can get a sneak peak here
  • Paid ads via FB, Linkedin and Google
  • Inbound strategy by answering quora posts and commenting on various privacy groups on FB and Reddit

e-commerce platform

We implemented an e-commerce platform from the ground-up, fully integrated with account provisioning and multiple plans we wanted to have

Increase in b2b leads




Proper Targeting



of all sales came from SMEs with multiple employees

Increased Traffic



Increased traffic by 300% and conversion by 20%

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