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Theo's Bio

Theo Moulos

CEO & Founder of GrowthRocks

Theo Moulos

CEO & Founder of GrowthRocks

Theo firmly believes in the significance of personal growth and transformation. Emphasizing the harmony of mind, body, and soul wellness, he has embarked on a personal journey to find balance and contentment in every aspect of life.

For the last 10 years, Theo has been founded 11 and exited 4 companies in the area of marktech and marketing services. The flagship brand is GrowthRocks, a renowned company ranked #1 for Growth Hacking worldwide. Under his leadership, the company has thrived, achieving remarkable milestones and unparalleled success. Theo’s career has taken him to managerial positions in various companies across the globe, where he’s honed his skills in both intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship. In other words in dedicating himself to business and team growth.

Passionated for both business and personal growth he possesses a unique blend of analytical and strategic thinking.

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