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MarTech Audit

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As a growth marketing and product-led agency, we offer a deep technological audit to our clients to help them identify areas for improvement and optimize their marketing stack

What's the procedure we follow on audits

  1. We will gather information about your marketing technology stack: Start by gathering information about the tools and technologies your are currently using, as well as any planned or potential additions to the stack. This might involve reviewing contracts, interviewing stakeholders, and analyzing the website and other digital properties.

  2. We will Identify gaps and redundancies: Once we will have a comprehensive understanding of the your marketing technology stack, we will start to identify gaps and redundancies. For example, are there tools that aren’t being used to their full potential, or are there multiple tools that are duplicating functionality?

  3. We will assess integration and data flow: Next, we will assess how the various tools in the your marketing technology stack integrate with one another, and how data flows between them. Are there any integration issues that are hindering your ability to use your marketing technology stack to its full potential?

  4. We will evaluate performance and ROI: Finally, we will evaluate the performance of  your marketing technology stack and assess its return on investment (ROI). Are the tools and technologies being used effectively to achieve your marketing and growth goals?

In addition to assessing the tools and technologies in your marketing technology stack, we will also evaluate how these tools are being used to achieve specific use cases. Here are a few steps we will take to incorporate use case evaluation into your marketing technology stack audit:

  1. Identify your key use cases: We will start by identifying your primary use cases for your marketing technology stack. For example, you may be using your CRM to manage customer relationships, your marketing automation platform to nurture leads, and your analytics tools to measure campaign effectiveness.

  2. Assess how well the tools support the use cases: Once we’ve identified your key use cases, you can evaluate how well the tools in your marketing technology stack support these use cases. Are there any gaps or redundancies in the toolset that are hindering your ability to achieve your marketing and growth goals?

  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the tools for each use case: For each use case, we will evaluate the effectiveness of the tools being used. Are the tools being used to their full potential? Are there any features or functionalities that are not being utilized? Are there any areas where you could be more efficient or effective in your use of the tools?

After the audit what?

Based on the insights gathered during the audit, you can provide recommendations for optimizing your marketing technology stack to improve performance, reduce redundancies, and maximize ROI. This might involve suggesting new tools, reconfiguring existing tools, or integrating tools more effectively


1 month elapsed time
From $ 2,500 one-off
  • Manual process
  • 1 workshop
  • No workshops
  • 1 walkthrough session


1.5 months elapsed time
From $ 5,000 one-off
  • Manual Process
  • 2-4 Workshops
  • Set of deliverables
  • 1 presentation session


2 months elapsed time
From $ 8,500 one-off
  • Manual Process
  • 4+ workshops
  • Set of deliverables
  • 2+ presentation sessions

I want you to audit my Stack

Do you want us to help your brand by auditing some of your current systems?

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