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Viral Loops is a template-based viral marketing platform to launch your referral programs, sweepstakes, competitions and pre-launch campaigns.

Use battle tested referral templates to skyrocket your growth.

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Referral Programs

Incentivize your customers to refer a friend to use your product or service. Choose one of our referral programs and customize it to your needs.

Promotional Giveways

People love sweepstakes, but even more they love winning! Boost your giveaways, by giving them more chances to win for every friend they refer.

Ranking Competitions

Reward your participants on the top of the ranking. The more friends they invite, the higher they get in the campaign’s leaderboard.

Pre-Launch Campaigns

Generate buzz early on! Run a pre-launch campaign and reward people by giving them early-access to your product or service.

Loyalty Systems

Loyalty platforms are moving to a next level. From heavy to implement systems into a widget-based configurable system for delivering and attributing points (of any kind)

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