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Conversion Rate Optimisation & Lead Generation Tools 

Appocalypsis provides tools/widgets to a) Communicate your marketing messages in an efficient way, b) enhance your e-mail lists and as a result boost your conversions.
It is a SaaS platform which provides:
  • different types of templates: Forms, Slide-ins, Popups, Chatalike Widgets, Full Page, Half Page, Top & Bottom Bars.
  • different preview options: on load, on exit intent, after visitor navigates your website for a few seconds, on click
  • different targeting options: based on where visitors came from, on specific pages of your websites
  • analytics for all your widgets: which countries do most visitors previewed your widgets, where did they come from (referrals) and what browsers they use.
  • leads management: export capabilities for all the leads you gather
  • valuable integrations: slack, mail chimp, zapier, viral-loops, leads-to-email

Appocalypsis has one of the largest templates library for widgets to get inspiration from:


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