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B2B Services & Products

The biggest change the internet brought to the B2B world was replacing outbound with inbound marketing. Most businesses that didn’t adapt to that change, either ceased to exist or face serious growth problems.

Outbound marketing involves pushing your service or product to the face (or monitor) of your customer. It usually takes the form of cold calls, throwaway press releases and commercials that target everyone, therefore no one in particular.

On the other hand, inbound marketing’s first intention is to give value to your potential customers..

When it comes to the customer’s journey, the number of total customer touch points before the final purchase has also increased.

Now, it takes 5 to 13 touches to generate a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL).

Can you imagine the cost of outbound marketing to make so many touches with your customers before a sale?

Now compare that to what Inbound marketing can do for you. And add the word automated to inbound marketing on top of that.

If you can’t automate your sales and marketing funnels as well as your processes, it’s pretty hard to scale your business. Trying to scale without a plan just adds to your operating expenses without the appropriate outcome.

So stop sales pitching with outbound marketing and start selling with inbound marketing!