Growth Hacking Training

[The Course/Seminar] is very good and very practical

Pery Nastos - Business Owner

Every day, I go to the office, I get in the habit of thinking of that little extra something, that “hack”

Nota Stavrou - e-commerce manager

Suddenly, you discover that there’s another world out there waiting to be explored.

Spyros Rentoulas - CEO at SRV Applications

Be A Growth Hacker

Growth hacking is a mindset. While working with our clients, we aim to transfer to them two of our core competencies:

  1. Our method(s)
  2. Our operating rhythm

Both have as a prerequisite the understanding of (a) the drivers behind human behaviour(s) and (b) the ongoing, recurring actions needed for the maintenance of growth momentum.

What The Programs Include

They consist of practical hands-on lessons on the topic of Growth Hacking. In other words, participants receive tailored advice on how they can implement the acquired knowledge to digital marketing and scale their user or customer base.

Who are These Programs For?

For Digital Marketing graduates or certificate holders | For engineers that want to better understand and apply their new knowledge digital marketing | For startuppers that want to be actively involved and get actionable results | For marketers that want to supplement their theoretical knowledge of marketing with practical, hands-on material & strategies<

What You’ll Get Out Of These Programs

You’ll get access to valuable real-world examples and programming code that you can use to automate your processes | You’ll become a member of a thriving community where you can enquire about any future questions through exclusive access to our official Slack Team

We've trained over 500+ aspired growth hackers from companies of all stages and sizes

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