Bring Your Idea To The Crowd

Sometimes Crowdfunding Is The Only Option

Crowdfunding refers to campaigns for equity (i.e. crowdcube) or products (kickstarter, indiegogo)

A founder needs to understand that crowdfunding is not free. It requires significant effort and time from a growth team with abilities around different topics. From PR to audio/visual assets creation.

Timeplan – We need to plan your campaign by setting agreed start and end dates, ensuring that once up and running we can clearly and concisely convey your messages in terms of what you want the funding for, why your envisaged work deserves support, who will benefit and how.

That’s why we will create of the GrowthPlan including the process in steps. Every step has the daily tasks to assign to different stakeholders & complete within the team in order to build an end-to-end successful campaign.

The timeline includes the following stages:

  • Project Brief
  • Rewards
  • Building relationships (PR)
  • Preparations for pre-launch
  • Pre-launch
  • When in production

You need to treat your crowdfunding campaign as the temporary flagship in your digital armada, complimentarily working in consort with your website content; social media feeds; Instagram or other photo-sharing output; material on your YouTube channel

The process consists of a set of detailed actions for each part of the steps in the process viewed in a step by step guide.

  • Video
  • Landing page
  • Kickstarter page-campaign
  • Content & Distribution
  • Building relationships
  • Design/ Graphic
  • Marketing

We did our homework and we are ready to share it with you. We have collected and studied for hours and we have collected in a library a list of the most funded pages. It includes Videos, Kickstarter pages as well as Landing pages. We analyzed every single one of them and we concluded on best practices in

  1. Making the video
  2. Creating a very well organized Kickstarter page
  3. Creating a functional landing page
  4. etc

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