Our Affiliate Network

Our affiliate’s network has got you covered, wherever you are, whatever language you speak, whatever specialization you need. We provide you a full set of Local Services through close cooperation with many specialized companies to localize our Growth Hacking Intellectual Property (Documentation, processes, procedures and more)

How about working together?

GrowthRocks is open for partnerships and affiliations with:

  • Graphic designers with:
    • Experience in creating visual content,
    • Knowledge in typography,
    • Expertise in Design (Adobe Suites, etc) and multimedia software suites
    • Proficiency in HTML, CSS (and some Javascript)
    • Knowledge of front-end conversion techniques (up-to-date with the latest UX/UI practices)
    • Web Designers and Developers that have a deep understanding of HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, node,js, angular.js, and web development stacks (LAMP, or any other similar combination, or other web solution stacks)
  • Growth Hackers and other digital marketing specialists (SEO, SEM, Content, etc). Deep traction channel knowledge and demonstrable expertise in the growth process are necessary skills
  • Marketing affiliates that can produce qualified leads in different geographies. GrowthRocks will pay for leads that turn into contracts with a percentage of the contract value paid out as a percentage of the recognized revenue installments.

Sounds interesting? Join us or work with us!