I love webinars. It’s a free (or a rather, cheap) opportunity to learn new things and get better on whatever you do. But I, as a true Don Juan marketer, have more than one girlfriend. Email marketing, you see, had me enchanted me once and for all, so think about what happens when I find out about a webinar on email marketing. The world goes boom!

Well, this is one of these times that the world goes nuclear for me. Moosend in association with Savvas from GrowthRocks present:

How To Growth Hack Your Email Marketingwebinar.

If you struggle to get out of your comfort zone and become the marketer you dream of, catch your targets, boost your growth and to totally nail those clicks, then this webinar is tailor-made for you.

Learn how to hack your email marketing by thinking and acting like a top-notch growth hacker.

What you’re about to learn:

Join the webinar on Thursday, June 11th, 2015 on 15:00 UK / 17:00 Greece / 10:00 New York and learn:

  • Why no one wants to subscribe to your newsletter
  • How the growth hacker’s mindset can take your email marketing to the next level
  • How to set your KPIs and boost your email list growth
  • Best practices for A/B Testing your copywriting and calls-to-action

A bit about the people behind it:

Moosend is a powerful Email Marketing platform with world-class features and of the simplest UI in the market that doesn’t break the bank. From listed companies to high-tech startups, their clients use Moosend to design and send their email campaigns, manage and grow their mailing lists and collect statistics. Moosend is a bootstrapped company headquartered in the UK, with other offices in Greece, Romania and Poland. Revenue, client base and email processing volume has grown threefold year over year since inception in 2012.

Savvas Zortikis has been leading marketing automation campaigns for large corporations and multinational brands, like BMW Sweden, in more than 16 countries. Savvas’ experience is in automating user acquisition and retention, building viral loops and optimizing digital campaigns. He likes to share his knowledge and constantly writes in marketing and analytics blogs, like KISSmetrics.

So, are you in or what?

Watch “How To Growth Hack Your Email Marketing” Now!