Tools for successful Content Marketing! 

To-kill-for Content Marketing: Some think of it as a myth. Some consider it the urban legend no one speaks of.

Japanese folklores go on and on about rituals at creepy Japanese forests, which help you rock at Content Marketing! (no creepy girls with long hair, though. That’s weird!)

And this is the part where you go like, “Oh shut up Ioannis, you are not even funny etc etc”. But you can’t deny the one and only truth behind my failed jokes.

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All you have to do is try a bunch of stuff and see what does the trick for you.

Of course, as I always state in my articles related to Content Marketing, for those starting now their content adventures or just want to freshen up your perspectives, Paddy Moogan has your Content Marketing bible.

And if that was not enough to drive you into that HALLELUJAH moment, then it is time to read yet another one of my amazing articles titled:

(clears throat and drum rolls)


content marketing tools

Together (yes, my love, you and me!) we will go through some of the best Content Marketing tools available right now. To be more specific, actual tools but also sources that can easily be turned into slick tools for your Content Marketing arsenal.

Summary of the awesomeness to follow!

Section #1 – Tools for ‘’What the hell am I going to write about?’’ situations

  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Copyblogger
  • Alltop
  • Feedly
  • Trap!t

Section #2 – Tools for ‘’I have no time to write my own content” situations

  • ghostBloggers
  • WriteAccess

Section #3 – Tools to Step up your visual game

  • Canva
  • GIMP
  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Lightroom
  • Meme Generator
  • PowToon
  • Uberflip

Section #4 – The “Don’t embarrass yourself” survival toolkit

  • Grammarly
  • Plagiarism Checker

Section #5 – Tools to Distribute like there is no tomorrow

  • CoSchedule
  • Buffer
  • Mailchimp
  • Slideshare
  • PRWeb

Section #6 – Tools to measure how long your…..success is

  • Google Analytics
  • Kissmetrics
  • Moz
  • Socialbakers
  • Woopra

Section #7 – Tools for organization freaks

  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Google Calendar
  • Evernote

Section #1 – Tools for ‘’What the hell am I going to write about’’ situations?

These tools will aid you when you run out of ideas and food seems your only way out, or maybe cute videos with cats.

So you’d better close that youtube tab and get down to business. This section contains tools to help you figure out “what the hell you are going to write about”.


content marketing tools

As we all know, good content most times is in fact just an answer to a question that seems to be troubling a lot of people.

If you play your cards right with content, your answer might be so good that it will drive traffic, leads AND WHY NOT A COUPLE OF BUCKS! (shamelessly leading people to the dark side of marketing thinking)

So Quora is the place where people just ask questions. Quora is your treasure trove if you are looking for hot topics and of course the place to distribute some pieces of content.

content marketing tools
Content Marketing tools

When experts like Dharmesh Shah (Hubspot), Brian Clark (Copyblogger) & Leo Widrich (buffer) are part of the community,  that definitely  means a lot for the quality of this tool.

What I like about Quora and Inbound, in particular, is that people nowadays are not afraid to ask for other people’s expertise.

No matter how good I am at my marketing field, there is a point where I will ask for someone else’s help.

This is the part where you literally take advantage of this fact for your content marketing strategy.

We are not talking about just getting inspiration and sources for your next article, but also about leaving feedback for the others and why not establish yourself as an authority while doing so.

DON’T BE A LAZY ASS, get over there and make me proud (they grow up so fast /tears)



As far as Reddit is concerned we are going to get a little bit deeper. You might wonder why!

The fact is that Reddit was not meant for a professional use at all. What we have here is an entertainment site that contains the so-called “subreddits” that probably cover any topic you might think off.

So someone might meet the ultimate chaos if  he does not know how to handle this tool.


To begin with, what you have to do is type (insert-topic-here), so how about we go for content marketing?

Content marketing tools

A quick glimpse gives us some pretty cool content ideas to go on. Facebook live is really intriguing if you ask me.

Anyway back to the use of Reddit, another suggestion would be to create and account and be as active as you can. People over at Reddit love unique and funny video, pics, questions etc.

Sometimes you will find some weird shit as well.

content marketing tools


So don’t hold back, target your topics, be you and through a very entertaining way, produce top quality content that others would pay for.


content marketing tools

Apart from  building authority, folks over at Copyblogger are doing an amazing job when it comes to content marketing articles.

I do not want to be a smarty, this is a tool that I actually learned from my friend Apostles here at GrowthRocks.

The one thing he said to me when he proposed that use Copyblogger, is quality. Let me reassure you that content marketing mastery is not just a cool tagline.

As John Jantsch said:

“The secret to Copyblogger’s success is that they write better headlines. That’s it, pretty simple, right? They write headlines (blog post titles) that are irresistible and can’t be skimmed in your RSS reader…They also deliver”


content marketing tools

Popular stories indexed under various categories and ready for you to go through them. There is not a lot to add here, in fact.

Given that I have used the aforementioned tools most times, by the time I reach this tool, I am already set on what I will write about.


Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.52.19

Moving on to actual tools, feedly is a handy little fella. The concept is simple.

Add your favorite sites and blogs and create an article feed of your own choice. So given that you read, you follow influencer and generally know your game this could be a nice push towards your next piece of content.


content marketing tools

Much like feedly, trap!t personalizes your feed based on your personal preferences and taste.

Unfortunately, we have an iPad exclusive tool here. Life is cruel, hail capitalism and many more quotes fit here. Oh…well, all we can do is roll with it.

If you have an iDevice, give this baby a chance.

Section #2 – Tools for ‘’I have no time to write my own content” situations

And yes, there are those situations when you can’t afford the time of writing your own content, due to a variety of reasons. Well, we got your back, friend. The tools you’ll find below will help you in those times of need and save you valuable time.


content marketing tools 2016

Our first tool on the list, ghostBloggers, is a marketplace for publishers to purchase premium, unique content from a wide range of topics. Oh, and there’s an extra bonus! All content is composed by native English ghostwriters, so you don’t have to worry about typos and proper syntax anymore. 😉


best content marketing tools

Things are really simple with WriteAccess. You create an account to the service, find writers, order the content you want and you’re ready to publish! As easy as that! Apart from copywriting services, they also offer editing, translation and content strategy services, so even if you don’t have a vast experience writing content or need some guidelines, now you know the way to go!

So there you go! Lack of time or writing skills can no longer be the excuse for your blog not getting regularly updated.

Section #3 – Tools to Step up your visual game

Previously in my articles, I have talked about the importance of good visualization. Visualizing data and ideas is of immense importance to the success of your Content Marketing.

If that was not enough to convince you, let some cool infographics from speak for themselves.

content marketing toolscontent marketing tools


content marketing tools

Canva was a miracle from heaven for me. In fact, what I wanted was a tool, that could offer me quickly high-quality templates, vectors, icons etc and of course the ability to customize all these as I see fit.

The elements contain some really cool graphic designs to use for your pictures. They are fun and professional at the same point.

If you have some time, invest a bit in this tool. After some sparring, you will be making perfect visuals in no time. content marketing tools is the place where you will find a bunch of professional designs just for you.

Simple, fast and affordable design that makes your content stand out. In fact, the products are separated into categories such as infographics, micro content etc which makes it easier for you to find what you need.


content marketing tools

So let’s go over all these times someone told you, “you know you should learn how to use photoshop, it would skyrocket your content marketing visuals”

And you responded like:

content marketing tools

Once again here I am to the rescue, and I am bringing with me a simplified version of photoshop along with me.

Come, come I have treats for you. (muahahaha)

Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Lightroom

content marketing tools

Are you f*&*^ kidding me Ioannis?! A couple of sentences above I told you that “I ain’t got time for dat”

Well, to be honest, you should at some point learn the fundamentals of programs like photoshop. This would be a huge upgrade for your content marketing.

Tutorials are countless and the things you could do limitless. This tool requires both time and money. So choose wisely.

But once you go pro there is no return.


content marketing tools

Gosh, I am so thrilled, I was waiting for such a long time to use giphy in an article.


I command you shamelessly to use gifs in your content. There is nothing more delightful than a touch of fun, that makes all the professional info intake much lighter and pleasurable.

Meme Generator

content marketing tools

Another tool to spice things up, apart from GIPHY. I am of the opinion that being professional does not mean that you have to be serious all the time.

Far from that, when you are creating content there should be a part of you, your signature to be more specific inside your content.

Humour is one of the best ways to establish that, let go of yourself and crack some smiles.


content marketing tools

If you feel like it, you can always take it a step further from just pictures. Powtoon is a tool that a lot of people use online for videos and presentations.

I haven’t used this tool a lot, to be honest, but my first hands-on was quite pleasant.

Toonish styled visuals are always welcome to your content marketing campaign.


content marketing tools

If I could summarize Uberflip, I would say that Uberflip organizes your content in one place and then elevates it to the next level.

Call to actions are just a small preview of the capabilities of Uberflip, not to mention that this tool is fully compatible with automation and email marketing clients.

Section #4 – The “Don’t embarrass yourself” survival toolkit


Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 11.13.04

Writing is awesome and liberating. For you at least!

For your readers on the other hand sometimes things do not turn out so well.

One of these times is actually when you have forgotten to double check your text and grammar mistakes are all over the place.

Result: Reader closes tab in a matter of secs!


content marketing tools

Let’s take a couple of minutes and mourn for all the times we thought are content was a killer but the others did not have the same opinion. *ahem…our boss…ahem*

Who said that? Anyway moving on!

READABILITY score is like a swiss knife in the hands of a marketer, so always keep it close because it will surely come in handy.

Plagiarism Checker

content marketing tools

Sometimes writing can be extremely hard and frustrating. In those desperate times, you seek guidance in the articles of experts.

Most times you are such a lazy ass that you do not even paraphrase what you read and you forget to add your own value.

Of course, this is a BIG MISTAKE, and if the plagiarism tool rings the bell, then changes must be made.

Section #5 – Tools to Distribute like there is no tomorrow

Distribution can be a total bitch sometimes but at the same time a core element to the SUCCESS of your content marketing strategy. Some pretty cool distribution tools are as follows:


content marketing tools

First time you log in to the app, you might get a little bit discouraged by the interface, but things are not as complicated as they seem. We have been using CoSchedule here at GrowthRocks for quite some time now and with great success.

Once you get used to it, it’s actually quite a simple tool. You have a calendar area, connect your social media account and you just schedule your posts as you please and see necessary.

Content marketing tools


content marketing tools

Ok, let me tell you something, this is a top secret tool, that I exclusively present to you for the first time ever.


Buffer is almost on any content marketing tool list out there, and why shouldn’t it? Quick, easy to use, but above all a huge booster to the effectiveness of your distribution.

Process is important and paves the way for successful content marketing! NEVER FORGET THAT!Click To Tweet

Jay Baer uses Βuffer. You know the “hug your haters” guy! Don’t you? Well, shame on you once again!


content marketing tools

You see MailChimp and me, how can I say this? We have become really close over the last couple of months.

Email marketing would not have been the same without MailChimp. (legit tears)

Mailchimp is an amazing tool, with which you can do miracles once you get the hang of it. Imported email lists & fully customizable templates are not to be missed.

What wins me over with MailChimp is the analytics I get for each campaign send without having to resort to other tools. (open, link clicks, bounce rate etc)

You can see more in-depth info about how MailChimp can help your business as it did for businesses like Betabrand!

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 16.53.23

content marketing tools


content marketing tools

Slideshare promises to change the way you see slides. It wanted to elevate the importance of slides and make them an indispensable part of the business world.

Well, how couldn’t it with the Linkedin logo alongside it.

Well, to be honest, I have not focused my attention there yet, mainly because tools like this want dedication and experimentation to see what works and what not.

But for many Slideshare was a real friend in need in producing quality and unique visually value.


content marketing tools

So a little bird told me (it has been quite the gossiper lately) that you want your content to reach billions of people in no time.

You should look no further cause I got what you are looking for, no matter how wrong the sentence I just wrote seems.

Section #6 – Tools to measure how long your…..success is

Google Analytics

content marketing tools

I know this is a guide and all, but if you do not know what Google Analytics is, then we have a little issue here, Bob!

If bob is your name, please notify me in the comments, I will have to try my chances at lottery

Oh..well! Google Analytics is your first stop when it comes to getting data about the performance of your content and website in general.

content marketing tools content marketing tools

Custom dashboards, demographics, goals and much much more await you. Remember data along with intuition, of course, is the only way to see what worked and what did not work.

If data is not your thing, TOO BAD, IT SHOULD BECOME. (Says the person who shits his pants each time he opens the analytics dashboard to make a client report.)


content marketing tools

Apart from the fact that Kissmetrics has a really cool blog and many content marketing articles, they also have really cool analytics packages.

Not to mention that Kissmetrics takes the whole analytics thing a step further and promises to turn the people visiting your site into customers.

Eehmm…who said that?

You did not hear this little piece of info from me, that is for sure.

content marketing tools


content marketing tools

Moz is your ace up your sleeve when it comes to SEO analytics. You should use this tool regularly and always take into consideration it’s SEO analytics.

The slightest shift in the popularity of a simple word might play a crucial role in the success of your content marketing.

YOU SHOULD NEVER FORGET, that not combining SEO and content marketing is one of the reasons YOU WILL FAIL.


Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 20.44.58

This list would not have been perfect for me if there were not at least one tool social media related.

Times have changed and social media have become an integral part of content marketing.Click To Tweet

As can understood user behavior differs on Social media.

You should definitely use this tool, if you want to go deeper into the pits of hell or simply of social media.


content marketing tools

Yet another analytics tool that might prove an asset for your content marketing.

Whatsoever Woopra (i always read it in a funny tone, don’t even know why) focuses more on real time feedback and data.

Also, if you have not already noticed there is a section in the screenshot which says “tracks anonymous users from their first touch until they identify themselves”.

Daaaaamn (Daniel!  Ellen Degeneres pun) but this is a dope feature my dear friend.

Section #7 – Tools for organization freaks


content marketing tools

If you are a control freak and a content marketer, then TA RA DA DAAAA! Asana is your new friend.

Asana is both a curse and a blessing because, on the one hand, you have everything no matter how trivial a task is, on the other hand, YOUR COLLEAGUES JUST KEEP SHAMELESSLY ASSIGNING TASKS TO YOU. (see picture above)

Phew…finally got that out of my system.


content marketing tools

Trello is another content marketing tool that I use once in a while. The format mostly helps me in times of brainstorming.

Cards replace sticky notes here. In these cards, you can add deadlines, comments etc and also invite your friends in your own dashboard so that they know what kind of marketing shit you are dealing with this period.

Google Calendar

content marketing tools

Google calendar is google calendar, simple as that.

If you are working Solo (not Han from Star Wars, just solo) this won’t actually be much help to you, but if you are in a team, then hell yeah go for it!


content marketing tools

The thing with Evernote is that people lose their shit over it. They either love it or find it totally useless. Nothing in between.

Evernote for me offers a unique versatility and is obviously a tool that if it does the job for you, then you should look no further.

It can work as a note-taking tool, as a project management tool, as a journal and so on.

All you have to do is get over there and get started.


content marketing tools

GrowthHackers is a little BONUS from me. First of all, let me clarify that indeed this is a tool that addresses mostly growth hacking needs.

But it has a cool feature “Projects” which might come in handy for a simple content marketer as well.

There you can have all the things you would like to try for your future content marketing adventures and monitor those ideas while you implement them and actually evaluate them based on their success.

So in a way you organize your thoughts and actions.

At the end of the day…

At the end of the day, successful content is hard to produce and depends on many factors.

Efficient tools is obviously a pillar of a successful content marketing strategy. But always keep in mind that tools are like clay, use them as you wish and produce results no one has ever done before.

Hope this has been an interesting trip for you and of course, don’t hesitate to leave your comments if you agree or disagree.

Until next time, have a GrowthRocking day!